Actor Casting in Austin for Student Film Project


ACC Northridge Student Short Films

Location: Austin, TX

Type: Student Films

-Killer Taco-

A girl is chased through a school by a masked murderer. She must escape to finish her Taco Bell lunch.


A nervous accountant is confronted by a hitman who works for the group trying to kill him.

-Working Title-

A nervous man must endure the antics of a overtly friendly stranger.


-Killer Taco-

Stacy – Female, (18-30, any race) College student who enjoys Taco Bell.

Killer – Any Gender, (18-45, any race) Murderer who enjoys the hunt.

Tom – Male, (18-30, any race) Friend of Stacy, dies in the opening scene.


Stan- Male, (18-28 , any race) A nervous accountant fearing for his life.

Dan- Male, (18-25, any race) A quick witted hitman who enjoys his job too much.

-Working Title-

Joey- Male, (18 and up, any race) A incredibly paranoid man who just wants relief.

Janitor- Male/Female, (18 and up, any race) An enigmatic stranger who just wants friendly conversation, no matter what.

These are three separate short student film productions. Shoot dates will vary within range of dates listed on call, and average commitment shouldn’t exceed 1-2 days. Please let us know if you are interested and we can schedule you an appointment to audition.

Payment: Non Paid
Credit for film, digital copy of film, snacks and refreshments

City or Location of call: Austin, TX
Please submit to: by 2017-07-08

This casting notice was posted by: ACC Northridge Film Style Production

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