Auditions in Dallas Texas for Student Movie Project “Green Thumb”


Green Thumb

Location: Dallas, TX

Type: Student Films

Character Breakdown:

Grace – Grace is the main character. She is the illegitimate child of an affair between Grace’s Mom and Louis. She is in her early to mid twenties, and works as a caregiver. She is very compassionate, youthful, and charismatic.

Elise – Elise is a jealous old woman in charge of the scheme in which she takes down everyone involved in the affair between her husband and Grace’s mom. She appears to be very sweet and fragile at first, however, by the end, she is clearly very evil and not nearly as frail as we thought.

Jennifer – Jennifer is Grace’s outgoing roommate. She is studying law, and is very enthusiastic about it. She is caring, but also sarcastic and witty.

Henry – Henry is Elise’s son. He helps her perform her crimes by burying the bodies. He appears to be very normal from all that we see of him, but he is Elise’s right hand man.

Grace’s Mom – Grace’s mom is the woman that Louis cheated on Elise with. She is only seen in the film twice. The first time we see her is during a regular skype call with Grace. The second time is in a photo with the other characters.

A young college student named Grace is studying to be a geriatric nurse and volunteers as an elderly caregiver. She is currently taking care of an old woman named Elise, who she sees two to three times a week. Elise is friendly and loves gardening, and repeatedly tells Grace of how she used to garden when she was younger. Grace lives in an apartment with her roommate, Jennifer, who is studying law. One day when Grace comes home from work, Jennifer tells her about how they’re looking at cold case files in class and she’s researching one about a man from France who went missing along with his wife twenty years ago. The next day at work, Elise tells Grace that her and her husband were married in France. She also tells Grace about some plants that she used to have in her old garden, and invites Grace to come visit her and her son, who lives in her old house, which is also where her old garden is. Grace accepts.

That night, after work, Jennifer gives Grace a rough draft of the paper she has to write on the cold case file. As Grace is looking through it, she sees a photo of a woman that looks like Elise. She doesn’t believe that it could be her and moves on. The next day, Grace visits Elise. They view some of her old photos. Grace sees her mother in one of the photos, but doesn’t question it. While Elise is fixing tea for the two of them, Henry is in the backyard, preparing the garden, and Grace is sitting and thinking. As she sits, Grace is finally connects the dots and realizes that Elise is a murderer. She is interrupted from her thoughts by the sound of the kettle going off. Elise gives Grace her tea, and, reluctantly, Grace drinks it. They move into the backyard to view the garden. Grace, however, is suddenly feeling very ill. She suspects that she’s been poisoned. Her vision is swirling, and right before she passes out she sees that Henry has dug up human remains, most likely those of Elise’s husband. It’s too late for her, and she passes out. The film ends with Elise and Henry burying her body, completing the crime.

Please email for more information on auditions for this short film.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, TX
Please submit to: by 2017-04-05

This casting notice was posted by: Miah Mayberry

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