Auditions for Actors in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for Student Film “Relapse”



Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Type: Student Films

Student Short Film from The University of Alabama seeking actors and actresses for Student film project Relapse. Please note that all roles are non-paid and will film in the Tuscaloosa Alabama area.

“Relapse” tells the story of Catherine who leaves her husband and family in search of fulfillment, but twenty years later she finds her way back to her now grown daughter, Sarah, who confronts Catherine about being an absent parent, resulting in her asking her ex-husband, Richard, to meet at a nearby diner to discuss the rest of their lives.


Filming begins on August 17th, 2017



Catherine is the distinct representation of the 1950s suburban lifestyle. She is beautiful, elegant, and proper, despite her smoking habit and day-to-day duties as a parent. After a stressful year raising her daughter and distance growing between her and her husband, Richard, she makes the bold decision to leave that life behind to explore other opportunities her life may hold. Must be comfortable smoking. Herbal cigarettes will be used.

[DICK] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 48-52]

Dick has just received a call from his ex-wife Kate, who he sees as “the one that got away,” but before he can take her back , some forgiveness is in order for leaving him alone to raise their kids. He has a noticeable jaw line and feels comfortable in a suit, but despite his relative attractiveness has never been able catch a woman quite like Kate. Must be comfortable smoking. Herbal cigarettes will be used.


Kate was stunning in her prime, and since then, her life has been an effort to maintain the same level of glamour through outfit, makeup, and elegance, but her smoking habit has caught up with her. She sits in a bar with her daugher, Sarah, reflecting on past mistakes and her leaving their nuclear family when Sarah asks how Kate started smoking. What is supposed to be a simple answer spirals into slow confession where Kate becomes engrossed in her memories and finds a key point of her identity buried in a childhood she left behind long ago. Must be comfortable smoking. Herbal cigarettes will be used.


Richard is the working father of the household. He wears suits, commutes, and spends too little time with his family, but while he thinks his lifestyle is still manageable, he is caught off guard by his wife, Catherine, leaving him. She got in a car and drove off while he followed closely behind in an attempt to save his once picturesque marriage. Must be comfortable smoking. Herbal cigarettes will be used.


Sarah, the young adult daughter of Kate, waits in a bar for her mother ready to give her a piece of her mind. To Sarah, Kate abandoned her out of cowardice, but what starts as a confrontation turns into an exploration of memory and mutual understanding.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Alabama
Please submit to: by 2017-07-14

This casting notice was posted by: Caleb Butler, Casting Director

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