Auditions for Student Film in Burlington, Vermont

SOCAPA Student Films

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Type: Film

We are a group of young filmmakers who are taking part in the SOCAPA summer program at Champlain College trying our hand at making professional films. Our group includes both advanced and beginner filmmakers working together. We are looking for actors to help make our short films shine. Below is a list of the three shorts we are making along with a description and character list for each.

A failing musician finds himself in a strange new world where he might find the key to save his career but an interdimensional security guard gets in the way of his greedy aspirations.
Looking for actors to play the following roles:
Jacob: A young man or woman of about 25. They are an aspiring musician who is not the most talented. They are driven by their greed and does not care for others.
Mr. Higgs: A tired old man who is sick of life. He works as an interdimensional security guard, which is not as exciting as it sounds.

Meu Coração (My Heart)
A teenage girl is torn between following her heart by holding on to her first relationship and listening to her cancer-diagnosed father’s rule of not being in a serious relationship.
Looking for actors to play the following roles:
Isabella: ~17 years old; respectful, open-hearted, caring; she feels guilty for going behind her father’s back and being with someone who makes her heart happy, and choosing to remain in her first major relationship.
Landon: ~17 years old; respectful, unsuspecting, innocent; going out with Isabella; enjoys his and her connection but knows about her father’s disapproval.
Dad: ~40 years old; caring, stressing; worries about his daughter; does not want to openly admit to Isabella that he has cancer.
Mom: ~40 years old; cares very much about her family; worries about her daughter; she is trying to keep her husband’s condition a secret from Isabella.

????? (Misery)
A tired old security guard, consumed by loneliness and grief after the death of his son, tries to find someone with whom he can discuss his feelings.
Looking for actors to play the following roles:
Iona: A tired old immigrant who lost both his wife and his son, works as a security at an apartment building and looks for someone with whom he can share his misery.
Arthur: A busy businessman, late for meeting, asks a doorman to call a taxi for him.

Auditions will be held Thursday July 27th, Friday July 28th, and Sunday July 30th.
They will take place at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.
Shooting will take place the week of July 31st.

Payment: Other
We are student filmmakers, and the school gives us a very small budget that we would use to pay actors if necessary.

City or Location of call: Burlington, Vermont
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