Auditions in SF Bay Area for Lead Roles in Indie Movie

By | July 27, 2017

Casting Call for Male and Female Leads in San Francisco / California

Location:San Francisco

Type: Film

Set in steam punk circus where creatures keep captives we find ourselves presented with a perplexing relationship between a hot headed fire breather (Lou) and a vivacious young Gypsy (Lucille). They both have sinister agenda’s but unbeknownst to them a darker power holds a mirror to their world reflecting the fragile and fleeting nature of life.

Lou is a meaty, sardonic, misunderstood “sin-city” demeanor type of guy. Years of breathing fire have left him disfigured and angry and while he prefers to bark orders from his frayed throne he’s best not provoked because he’s still got his bite. His face bears signs of solemn thoughts as if the weight on the world on his shoulders. His teeth worn down from grinding and horns worn down from filing. He keeps a chest full of secrets one of which is trying to escape, but not with out consequence. He’s hunted her down before and he’ll do it again.
He’s 30+ with an frightening look. A grimacing face with eye’s full of regret.

Lucille’s like a feral cat, wild, unpredictable and ferocious, especially when backed into a corner. Her body bears marks of entrapment but her mind remains unbroken, a Gypsy trait passed down from her mother. She’s as stubborn as a bull but as delicate as a porcelain doll. Something got to give. Her eye’s burn with revenge, she’s smarter than the others, she knows what she needs to do, what she needs sacrifice order to find her true strength. Buried deep within her past is a dark force to which she must commit herself in order to be set free.
She’s 20+ with a alluring look. An enticing face with an evil smile

We’re looking for two leads to really drive this script home.

Please forward on head shots and show reels (if you have one).
Auditions start August 7th.

All auditions will be done online through Skype starting August 7th through to August 18th.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2017-08-12

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