Auditions in Seattle, WA for Indie Comedy



Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Comedy

Casting for ‘Faux-kiss,’ the latest short film from Rocktropica Productions. It is the story of Mort, a middle-aged man in a KISS cover band. After waking from a nightmare, Mort find his life is in crisis. He finds some comfort in his obsession of listening cult-like self-help tapes, but his inability to get over his failed relationship with Gwen, and his failure to compose any original music, begins to take its toll and drive him to do something unthinkable.

Rocktropica Productions last short film ‘Mind’s Eye’ was featured in NWFF’s 2016 Local Sightings film festival.

Casting parts for:

[Gwen] [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 45-55]
Gwen is Mort’s ex-girlfriend. She is a good Christian girl. She believes her being with Mort and living the KISS lifestyle was a deviation from her true path in life, and God punished her for it by putting her father in a coma. She thinks Mort is not on his true path, and that is why he is experiencing the vomiting and nightmares.

[Dennis] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 50-55]
Dennis is Mort’s bandmate in Hocus Faux-KISS. He’s brash, and he is still very much into the KISS lifestyle. He thinks he knows what is best for Mort, but he wants what is best for the band.

[Dr. Morgan] [GENDER: MALE OR FEMALE] [AGE: 40]
The doctor Mort visits after he experiences fainting and vomiting. He/She listens to him talk about how it is all connected to the nightmares he’s been having. He/She humors him for a bit with some questions before prescribing him some sleep medication.

Please send head shots/resume/reels to Casting Director Alex Arpin at

Audition date TBA. Film is Non-union but actors will be paid daily, Meals will be provided.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Seattle, WA
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Rocktropica Productions

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