Mini-Series Filming in MA Holding Auditions for Speaking Roles


Mini Series Casting Call

Location: Millbury, MA

Type: Web series

We are now casting for multiple leading, supporting, and featured roles for an upcoming mini-series project.

About the series:

This is an action/drama. No nudity or mature content of any kind. Network TV levels of on-screen language and intimacy.

The story focuses on several society elites as they navigate a complex world filled with drama and adventure. Think Gossip Girl meets The Avengers. This is an extremely high concept series.

Production Details:

Filming will take place at our private Green-Screen Studio in Worcester, on weekends in August and early September. Filming days will be approximately 6 hours long, and leading actors can expect 2-6 days on set.


Leading actors will be paid $50 per filming day, with meals provided while on set, and receive 2% of profits on the sale of all episodes they appear in. Leading actors will also receive credit for their work, and be provided a hard copy of the show after the online broadcast.

Supporting and featured actors will be provided meals while on set, and receive .5% of profits on the sale of all episodes they appear in. Supporting actors will also receive credit for their work, and be provided a hard copy of the show after the online broadcast.

Background actors will be provided meals while on set and receive credit for their work. They will also be provided a hard copy of the show after the online broadcast.

Casting Breakdown:

Lead 1: Male – 30-35 – Protagonist. Tough and muscular. Headstrong,
sure of himself, and dangerous.

Lead 2: Female – 30-35 – Protagonist. A strong warrior woman. A leading role that viewers will adore. Actress cast for this role must be comfortable having her head shaved on camera. This plot point is non-negotiable.

Lead 3: Female – 30-35 – Protagonist. A powerful and passionate woman. Smart, resourceful, and dangerous.

Lead 4: Female – 25-30 – Protagonist. A smart, but playful young woman. Cunning, mischievous, and fun.

Lead 5: Female – 50-65 – Protagonist. Strong, dangerous, and sure of herself. A natural leader.

Supporting 1-6: Male and Female – 25-35. Six roles available, dramatic and comedic elements in all roles.

Submission Requirements:

1. Please submit a headshot and resume, along with the part you are most interested in auditioning for.

2. Transportation – Actors submitting from Boston must be able to commute to Worcester for an audition and for filming. We are not on the Green Line!

3. Availability – Though there is some flexibility, actors auditioning must be available for filming 2-6 days in August and

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Millbury, MA
Please submit to:

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