Auditions for Voice Actors in Portland Oregon


Annex: Portland-based Audio Serial Seeks Voice Talent

Location: Portland, Oregon

Type: Web series

Annex is a fifteen-minute weekly audio serial where Knots Landing meets Chinatown in the Pacific Northwest of the early twentieth century. Five seasons or connected arcs (consisting of 13 episodes per arc) tell the story of Halfway-There, one of the neighborhoods just outside the fictional port city of Harborview.

ROLE #1 Henry Pembroke & Otto Tsubanski

Henry Pembroke (55 years old in S1)
Henry is a fair and ethical-minded man of business who always tries to do the right thing while also remaining ever protective of his family and home in a quiet but steadfast manner.

Otto Tsubanski (55 years old in S1)
Otto is the silent type, a European immigrant who spent much of his life doing punishing physical labor.

ROLE #2 Jane Pembroke & Mina Tsubanski

Jane Pembroke (50 years old in S1)
Jane is a strong, loving, family-oriented woman who is deeply in love with her husband Henry.

Mina Tsubanski (50 years old in S1)
A quiet, fragile woman, European immigrant Mina is married to Otto and works as a housekeeper and cook.

ROLE #3 Tom Dawson & Headmaster (1890s Flashback)

Tom Dawson (40 years old in S1)
Tom is a crusading investigative journalist and newspaper editor and new resident of the neighborhood.

1892 Headmaster (approx. 40 years old, appears in flashback to 1890s)
One line only, informing a young Nathaniel Gaumont that his mother has died.

ROLE #4 Diana Pembroke

Diana Pembroke (21 years old in S1)
Known for her fun-loving nature and wry sense of humor, the capable older daughter of Henry and Jane Pembroke is visiting her parents at the lilac sanctuary after having been well-educated and traveled widely.

ROLE #5 Nancy Dawson & Sophie Pembroke

Nancy Dawson (15 years old in S1)
Resourceful, driven, and and highly perceptive, Nancy means to be a serious journalist despite the barriers facing her as a young woman in 1914.

Sophie Pembroke (15 years old in S1)
Very shy, Sophie is a withdrawn and largely unobtrusive soul. You will be asked to scream.

ROLE #6 Ruby & Lois Chilton

Ruby (30-40 years old in S1)
Ruby is a fake medium/psychic who uses tricks to bilk wealthy clients and benefit from their patronage.

Lois Chilton (20 years old in S2)
Lois is the mild-mannered and deceptively resilient grown daughter of the working-class immigrant Chilton family that moves onto Delaney Avenue at the beginning of S2.

ROLE #7 Nathaniel Gaumont & Donovan Shackelford

Nathaniel Gaumont (40 years old in S1)
Son of the villainous Reverend Gaumont. Gentle and kind-hearted but also frustrated after a lifetime of being abandoned, rejected, controlled, tormented, and dominated by the cruel Reverend, who blames Nathaniel for his mother’s death when he was a boy. Nathaniel, “Nate” to his friends, wants to reach out to his community and the world, not gain dominion over it as has his father.

Donovan Shackelford (27 years old in S1)
A highly educated and ambitious financier, Donovan (do not call him Don or Donny Boy) is newly arrived in Harborview and in the employ of Reverend Gaumont and his vice operations. Deliberate, aloof, and pathologically entitled, Donovan is in reality the product of an extramarital affair between Gaumont and Goldie Shackelford.

In-person auditions will be held on Tuesday, April 18th from 5:30-7:45 p.m. in the U.S. Bank Room at Central Library, located at 801 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205. Appointments run 10-15 minutes. Please email us at to schedule your appointment and to receive audition materials.

Payment: Other
Deferred payments under SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement

City or Location of call: Portland, Oregon

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