Casting Call in Vancouver for Student Film “The Third State”


The Third State

Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

Type: Student Films


Short Film for festival release.


Stanley Elding is capable of an amazing feat, which he believes is the norm for people who belong to The Human Collective. This collective is a group of people who are focused on the advancement of evolving the human race and specifically are focused on achieving The Third State. Isaac Isidore a man who embodies every aspect of the movement, someone who Stanley looks up to, leads this movement. Stanley enters into a contest to spend a year with Isaac to learn what the third state is. Stanley loses to a boy he deems as undeserving and in term begins questioning his commitment to this movement. His entire view of the organization changes when he meets Isaac one on one and discovers things are not exactly as they seem within the Human Collective. His curiosity takes him down a path where only he can discover the answers and in term, what to do with them.

Submission Instructions: Open to all demographics, unless otherwise specified. Please submit by email. Thank you.


Stanley Elding
Stanley is a young, boy aged 18-24 searching for answers. He wants to know what to believe in and why. He searches for these answers anywhere he can find, books, the Internet, experiences. Once he commits himself to an idea, he obsesses over it. He must know every aspect to the idea, analyze, and understand the idea in every possible perspective. He is the kind of boy who would spend his entire childhood indoors reading while everyone else is outside playing. Stanley has no friends; he doesn’t see a purpose in it. He only wants to further develop himself and focus on advancing the human races evolution. Stanley practices his teachings from The Human Collective in an incredibly regimented fashion. He performs breathing exercises, he meditates, he rubs his hand over various textures to see how he feels. He is sensitive to criticism but knows it will benefit him long term. He has a temper, but has learned to suppress and control it.

Isaac Isidore
Isaac is 30-80 years old and is the figurehead of the organization “The Human Collective”. He is the spokesperson and his persona embodies what this organization stands for: the evolution of humanity. Isaac was once a curious mind but slowly got jaded by the harsh realities of life. Isaac is slowly losing his desire to be the leader of this organization, as he believes they have lost touch as to what they stand for. He is slowly moving towards a nihilist perspective, losing faith in any form of organized belief system. Isaac is an eccentric personality; you will never know how Isaac will react in any situation. He has two persona’s he puts out into the world, his figurehead calm, joyful, peaceful, leader. Then he has the real Isaac who only very few people know about, which is hardened, blunt, and impatient.

Maria Mashtah
Maria is the CEO of The Human Collective. She is an incredibly determined, hardworking, stoic individual. She is the kind of woman who will accomplish her objective via any means necessary. She is stern but can be friendly and reassuring when she deems necessary for her own personal benefit. She is incredibly clever, sharp witted, and would never back down from an opportunity to be challenged. She is often the smartest person in the room, but she would never let anyone know.

The Crateman is a firm believer in The Human Collective movement. They feel so passionate about its teachings they share it with anyone on the street who will listen. Crateman believes they can change people’s perspective with just a brief encounter on the street. They are persistent in their attempts at reaching people and are willing to do anything for their belief systems.

James Guthren
James is an owner of a small diner and has lived a hard life. He is incredibly based off of logic and rationale. He is very stubborn in his ways of thinking and would be the hardest person to convert to any sort change in behavior. James likes to make people laugh and feel uncomfortable. He finds the majority of his entertainment watching other people’s misfortunes. He is a hard worker and demands very high standards by everyone around him. James is the kind of guy who sits down at the end of the day and cracks open a beer while his sister in law yells at him from the kitchen to stop drinking.

Gustav Shvintz
Gustav is one of the leaders of The Human Collective as well. He is Maria’s right hand man, and assists in all the logistical operating of the organization. Gustav has a strong sense of worldly culture and a taste for the finer things in life. If there is a hair in his meal, he sends it back while he orders an old world red wine. He is strict, firm, and straight to the point. His priorities are collecting as much wealth and influence as possible.

Posted on: TBD
Cities for Response: Vancouver
Production Company: Vancouver Film School (VFS)
Director(s): David Gaty
Casting Director(s): Max Taylor
Audition Location: 151 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC (VFS)
Shooting Location: Vancouver
Script Availability: Email


Vancouver Film School
151 W Cordova St, V6B 1B2


Auditions: Saturday June 17-Sunday June 18, 9am-5pm
Call Backs: TBD
Shooting Starts: Sunday, July 9, 2017 Shooting Ends: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: 151 W Cordova St
Please submit to: by 2017-06-17

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