Casting Student Film in Vancouver, BC Canada


Lattine Di Perfezione

Location: Vancouver, BC

Type: Student Films

In a world where perfection and beauty are bought and sold, a manufacturer and consumer both struggle with the notion of selling their souls to get to where society tells them they should be.
Genre: Visual Narrative/ Satire / Experimental

Character Bios:

Emma # 1 (Female, 40+) Self-conscious, naïve, lonely. A symbolization of how culturally norm it is to be convinced that you can buy yourself beauty. She is drawn to an advertisement that represents western American consumers who recreate themselves with beauty products to become their ‘better selves’. Emma # 1 has lived her whole life trying to fit in. Desperately desiring to feel comfortable in her skin, she is easily seduced by advertisements telling her that products are beauty and beauty is happiness. She will purchase anything that gives her the hope that she will be more beautiful and subsequently, more happy.

Emma # 2 (Female, 25+) Body confident, emotionally detached, robotic (relaxed body language) The ‘perfect woman’ as viewed by contemporary American society. A physical manifestation of how conformity is encouraged between western American culture in order to be deemed normal. On the surface, she seems perfect; however, we soon realize that it isn’t just what is on the outside that counts and remains perpetually dissatisfied. Emma #2 is, on the outside, the definition of perfect beauty (by contemporary Western standards). Despite this, she is still unfulfilled and dissatisfied with her life. She feels trapped by the status quo and feels hopeless that she will ever find true happiness.

Date: March 25th, 2017
Time: All Day
Address: 142 Water St. Vancouver BC
Shoot Day: April 8th, 2017

Payment: Other
Lunch will be provided on set.

City or Location of call: Vancouver, BC
Please submit to: by 2017-03-25

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