Comedy Web Series Filming in Atlanta Needs Cast


Get Your Act Together

Location: Atlanta Ga

Type: Web series

In this American based comedy, meet Nathanial West, irrelevant d-list diva commercial actor alongside business partner and agent Benjamin Peters. Co-owners and acting coaches at, “Get Your Act Together” studio. While Benjamin struggles with the reality of their failing studio (and current place of residence), Nate manages a class of oddball misfits in unorthodox acting techniques.

What we are casting:

Nate – 50’s, male, clean cut corporate type. Lackluster acting career but believes that he and everything he touches is great. Very naïve and dramatic.

Daniel – 20’s, female, model type actress

Benjamin – 30’s, male, nerdy geek type and business oriented. Much more realistic then Nate.

Mona – late 20’s, female, annoyingly bubbly and laughs easily.

Harris – 23, male, tall and slim with a closet full of tank tops. Insanely obsessed with… and takes acting classes to become… The Incredible Hulk…despite his inhaler.

Karla – 25, female, extremely intelligent with an ice cold attitude who despises humans. She hopes the classes can teach her how to ACT like she likes people.

Tatiana – early 30’s, female, acts like a diva and uses her beauty to land auditions although she never gets booked.

Paresh – 27, male, West Indian actor, very quirky and heavy accent

Vashmere – 20’s, male, handsome, charming with GQ personality, heavy accent and speaks broken english

Please submit with the following:
-Video Reel, comedy monologue or skit
-Head Shot and Full body shot
-Contact info

Video Submission Only

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta Ga
Please submit to: by 2017-07-14

This casting notice was posted by: Anthony Nixon Cinema

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