Detroit Student Film Project Casting Multiple Speaking Roles

The Delivery

Location: College for Creative Studies (Ford Campus), Detroit, Michigan

Type: Student Films

CASTING for “The Delivery” – College for Creative Studies Student Film – SAG-AFTRA Affiliated

Auditions: Monday, February 20th

NOTE: Casting will contact you to schedule an audition on these dates.

Audition Location: College for Creative Studies
Shooting Location: Metro Detroit (Oak Park and surrounding cities)
Production Dates: Month of March


In a dystopian near-future where violence is outlawed, a victim of domestic violence struggles to accept the reality of her new perfect husband.


Olivia, Female, 20-45
Lead/Speaking; melancholic and emotionally closed-in, victim of domestic violence with a mousey personality, tries to deal with a new ideal husband. Can walk in heels.

Tom, Male, 25-45
Supporting/Speaking; artificially happy, energetic, and upbeat, too good to be true; driving his wife crazy.

Susan, Female, 25-60
Supporting/Speaking; nosey neighbor who is highly opinionated, intrusive, and outspoken about her beliefs against the new government system. Can walk in heels.

Vivienne, Female, 25-50
Supporting/Speaking; serious, reserved social worker, graceful but controlling.

Delivery Officer, Male, 20-50
Featured/Speaking; professional and impatient government representative.

Delivery Guys, Male, 20-50
Extras/Nonspeaking; physical acting.


COMPENSATION: Unpaid, but you will receive a copy of the film, IMDB credit, and craft services. All SAG-AFTRA guidelines, as found in the Student Film Agreement, will be followed.

Writer/Director: Margarita Grishina
Casting Email:

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: College for Creative Studies (Ford Campus)
Please submit to:

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