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Lightning Heart

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Film

“Lightning Heart” is a film about Jesse and Larry, son and father. It showcases the unconditional love a son has for a father during the daily routine of caring for a loved one and the heartache of losing a parent. After losing a parent, how do you begin take the next step forward?


Jesse has been trapped in a depressing world of parental care for his father for many years since his mother passed away. Despite his gloomy home-life he tends to his father in a jovial, optimistic manner. The devastating loss of his father takes a bitter toll on him until a friend unexpectedly helps him make his first steps forward in a life that’s now his own. Jesse carries the dialogue in most of the scenes with Larry.

Larry has no lines. He is a silent yet major role. Must excel at portraying emotions and inner thoughts without speaking.
Larry slipped into a deep depression after the loss of his wife and lifetime companion many years ago,. Now he’s utterly lost and mute to the world around him, neglecting even the most basic needs of life. He barely acknowledges his son and his surroundings, desperately hanging onto the memories of the life he once had, terrified and ashamed of being a shell of the man he once was.

Local grocery store cashier who knows everyone in town, including Jesse and Larry. She’s friendly and sympathetic to Jesse’s plight and acts as a motherly figure toward him.

Joy works as a clerk at the local movie theater and knows Jesse and Larry because they are regulars. She’s friendly, cute, and a little bit ditzy at times. Jesse likes her but can’t see beyond his own issues to realize that she likes him as well.

Please see attached pdf for more info – Casting-call

Payment: Other
Film credit. Meals, snacks & beverages will be provided on set.

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
Please submit to: by 2017-03-20

This casting notice was posted by: Prince Will, Casting Director. Dallas Film Crew

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