Indie Film Auditions in Atlanta, GA & Buford, GA “Horse Head” Lead Roles


Horse Head

Location: Atlanta, GA, Buford, GA

Type: Festivals

Danielle – Lead Role – (Looking in age range of 18-28, anyone that can convincingly play an 18 year old), skinny/skrawny/average looking, having gothic/emo/normcore sensibilities will help with the look of a photographer/artist. In terms of race/gender, the role is written for a female and preferred but anyone who feels like this role is strong for them can try out. No race specification, anyone of any race is welcome to try out.

Background information that might prove useful to developing the character:

She grew up with only a few friends and was an only child. One of them is Mason. She’s a bit tom boyish as a result. She was never particularly a cheerful person but she had spunk and she had determination to do well, whether it was in school or her own hobbies. She is more artistically minded and likes photography. When college rolled around she bought a small house near the campus to live in. Emilia and Marilyn live with her. Friends, but not close friends. Her closest friends Mason and Sarah. Mason is going to a different school nearby and Sarah is not going to school at all. Emilia is a party animal, hiker and busy bee so she’s almost never there, Marilyn basically lives at her boyfriends place, leaving Danielle having the house to herself most of the time. She’s introverted but still quite very responsive when near her closest friends. She usually thrives in loneliness, is very creative and finds ways to entertain herself easily and can look inward in a very sort of self introspective way, but when the illness comes she suffocates in that same loneliness and is almost unresponsive, dead. But she can’t snap out of it. Her favorite colors are grey and purple. Her birthday is October 7th. Lower middle class upbringing, upper middle class adult. She grew up in Lexington, KY and moved to GA later. She is a full-time college student, at the end of her second semester of her first year of college, though she’s barely attended. She doesn’t know what to major in, deciding between photography and something else, biology or finance. No glasses. Best quality, her ability to convey feelings and ideas. Greatest flaw: She overthinks things to the point of frozen indecision and inaction. She wants to live a memorable life and convey the feelings and intricacies of it all through photography.

The role will require great amount of emotional complexity in the range of apathy to dread to complete emotional breakdown. Will really need to really feel and convey her pain and struggle in the film as she deals with mental illness. Being able to tear up or water eyes is especially helpful. Shakiness is another great aspect to be able to translate the qualities of the character. This role requires partial nudity.

Mason – Danielle’s child hood friend – 20 (looking in age range of 18-28, anyone who can convincingly play a 20 year old college student), average to slightly muscular build. Male, no race specification, anyone of any race is welcome to try out.

Background information that might prove useful to developing the character: Has known Danielle almost his whole life, their parents even know each other. He’s been a sort of older brother figure to Danielle his whole life. Both her and Mason had a platonic relationship until they were both teens and there was a short romance between them but it didn’t work out. The scars of that awkward relationship still very subtly affects their relationship but they are still really good friends. He is more empathetic than your average guy as a result of being around female figures most of his life, his emotional intelligence is high. This has alienated him from some of his interactions with people of the same gender as a guy growing up. He kinda tries to be a tough guy because of his own self made insecurities and stature but he’s not as much as he wants to sell. Favorite color is green. Also a college student. He’s a bit goofy and finds it uncomfortable to be serious towards Danielle. He has trouble saying what he’s feeling toward Danielle because of their relationship, but trusts her 100%. Part that’s eating away at him is that he feels his friendship with Danielle is entirely founded on them being friends as kids, and that they really don’t have that same interaction/spark as they used to.

The role will require to make a lot out of little, to use body language to signal an internal struggle to come to terms with the events of the story and Danielle putting her life in danger mixing with his own emotions and baggage and growth as a person.

Sarah – Danielle’s current best friend- 19 – (Looking in age range of 18-28, anyone that can convincingly play a 19 year old) skinny to average build, colored hair or alternative style will help a lot here as the character is a musician in a band, must be willing to perhaps change hairstyle for role. Female, no race specification, anyone of any race is welcome to try out.

Background information that might prove useful to developing the character: Danielle’s current best “girl-friend” since they were both pre-teens. They both found common ground in that they both liked to draw when they were young. Danielle’s artistry evolved into photography, but Sarah’s evolved into music instead. She co-founded her own band mid way through high school and has been working on it since, making the tough decision to tell her parents she would drop out of college after one year to pursue that music career. She understands Danielle on a deeper level than most everyone and is the most supportive when her mental illness begins. She doesn’t take shit but she’s more patient than you’d expect from a short fuse type personality. She’s always looking out for Danielle and in some ways blames herself for the state she’s in though in reality it had nothing to do with her. She feels obligated to watch over Danielle as a result.

Role requires finding a balance and toeing the line between angst and love and concern for someone. Pent up frustration and understanding. A lot of body language to communicate these ideas whilst sitting and listening for the majority of the film.

If you are SAG and interested, we might be able to work out something with you involving student work, which would allow you to work with us at a reduced pay amount. We’re not a big production but we’ll do our best to produce a worthwhile film, so please come!

SAG pending or almost SAG people welcome!


The building is a law office, the auditions will be held inside. Signs will be there to guide you.

If there is a line we’ll have a designated waiting area.

Submissions are below, if you submit you’ll receive a side early HOWEVER you can come in and cold read a side at the audition as well! Submission not mandatory, but helps!


2:00 PM

4474 Commerce Drive, Buford, GA 30518

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA, Buford, GA
Please submit to: by 2017-11-15

This casting notice was posted by: Justin Solaiman & Hudson King

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