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Walk Down Memory Laine – Voice Actors/Actresses

Location: Worldwide

Type: Web series

Thinking of voicing in an original audio drama on YouTube? Looking for something to do in your spare time for fun? Look no further! “Walk Down Memory Laine” is an audio series that takes place in modern times. It involves adventure and follows supernatural themes as the main character goes on a quest to save the Supernatural Realm and kill his ex-wife, Alexandra Laine.

This project is not paid, but you will receive a copy of the completed work.

– You MUST be 15 or older to audition.
– (Optional) We would appreciate if everyone auditioning has Skype available to them.
– No auditions will be accepted using cheap laptop headsets (ex. Logitech) or laptop microphones. (Smartphone microphones are absolutely fine.)
– Improving on lines is fine (and you can add in your own lines if you think they fit the character!) but please, don’t leave out the lines we’ve given.
– Any auditions sent in after the due date will not be accepted.

… We don’t mean to seem mean in making these rules for auditioning; we just want to make sure that we can give the listeners the best quality possible.

Below are links to the full casting calls. They include details for the project, the project’s main plot, and so on. If you can’t audition on either of the websites listed, no problem! Just email us using this page, give us your email, and let us know you’re interested. We’ll send back an email with more details so that you can audition properly.


Casting Call (As listed on Casting Call Club):
Casting Call (As listed on Behind the Voice Actors):

No specific location for casting, but you can use the casting call links in the details to submit an audition, or you can email us with your lines.

Payment: Other
Copy of completed work for you to download and keep for yourself, even if it gets taken down from the internet.

City or Location of call: Worldwide
Please submit to: by 2017-08-14

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