L.A. Area Actors for Paid Video / Ad Project


Movember – 10 hr Shoot 8/28

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Video

This is a PG-13 branded ad set in a restaurant advertising mustache combs that will benefit Movember (Men’s Cancer Research Organization). The company producing the combs is an adult entertainment company. The spot will appear on youtube as a preroll ad and on the adult entertainment website, to raise money for Movember.

SYNOPSIS: Charles visits a high end restaurant and after combing his moustache with the Movember Mustache Comb, proceeds to give every female in the room an orgasm simply by eating a variety of vulvic foods.

($120 each), 10 hrs

RUTH (45-70s) – A conservative woman in a long marriage is tired of her husband never paying attention to her. They’ve been doing their silent dinners for decades. A hunky young man at a restaurant catches her eye. He is eating a variety of suggestive foods. Ruth is feeling overheated, as the hunky guy keeps sending her glances. A-la iconic restaurant scene from “When Harry Met Sally” Gloria experiences an orgasmic reaction.

JACK (55-70) – A conservative man having a dinner at a restaurant with his wife, Ruth. Preoccupied with his meal, he doesn’t notice anything strange. At some point he notices his wife have what looks like a seizure?

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: info@ezraproductions.com by 2017-08-22

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