Nashville Auditions for Actors on Civil War Short Movie “Across”

Across: Casting for Civil War Era Short Film

Location: Nashville, TN

Type: Film

Set in 1863, Across is the story of a slave boy’s attempt to escape to freedom with his family. This 30-minute short is also the first act of a feature film that we hope to complete in 2018. Shooting July 8 – 15, primarily in Nashville. Low-pay, but full deferred rate is guaranteed for all the cast and crew of the short when feature goes into production.

RUSS – Bright 11 year old African American slave boy with tons of determination.

CHARLEY – 12-year-old African American slave boy in sickly health.

MARTHA – 34 year old pretty African American mom – sharp but nervous

PETER – 35 year old slave and dad. Tough, bitter, but gentle with his kids

GEORGE – 30, plantation over-seer. Smooth exterior over cruel heart

MR. ELLIOTT – 50, portly – plantation owner – jovial, a little clueless

MRS. ELLIOTT – 40 prim and proper plantation owner

MEN – various smaller roles for men 18-50

Please see trhe following PDF for more information about the movie – across-1-pager

Please send in cover letter expressing your interest, along with headshot and resume. For child actors, a simple picture and description of any acting interest/experience will suffice.

Send all materials to:

Payment: Other
Low Pay / Deferred

City or Location of call: Nashville, TN
Please submit to: by 2017-05-01

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