New Online Messy Quiz Show Casting Male Models / Actors in Phoenix Arizona

Seeking Models/Actors for Comedy Bits, promotional material, and theme montage (contestants too!)

Handsome guys with sense of humor needed.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Type: Web series

“Cash Splash” is an upcoming web show that is our humble local attempt at doing a comedic wet and messy game show where people tune in to see photogenic guys play goofy games and getting soaked and covered with food in the process. The things that will set us apart from some of the other various international well-loved projects of this nature is that (1) We’re USA-based (specifically from Phoenix so there’s more emphasis on the water splashes to cool people down from the desert heat) (2) This is more of a trivia/quiz show as opposed to people doing various random stunts (3) Each episode will feature short comedic segments throughout to add variety, break up the gameplay and increase entertainment value. In the game, players either play against a friend or against the board answering various trivia questions where correct answers earn cash and wrong answers earn “splashes” – getting splashed with water ranging in size from small glasses to large buckets as well as a few messy zonks thrown in such as a few different kinds of pies and other messes like milk or applesauce. This is a low budget upstart venture but has potential to gain a huge international following very quickly and grow into something big.

What we’re casting for are various fun, good looking guys with a sense of humor for the various comedy bits that occur in each episode as well as actors/models/extras to appear in various promotional materials for the show including the opening theme montage of people being splashed with buckets of water, hit with pies and the other varied game punishments.

Tapings will be taking place throughout the summer in Northwest Phoenix (general vicinity of Metrocenter and ASU West). We largely tape on Saturdays and some Fridays but can also accommodate people who are unavailable at those times other days of the week during later evenings. Actors/models should be fully prepared to spend anywhere from 30-90 minutes being subjected to shooting scenes that involve getting soaking wet, getting splatted with pies in the face and other assorted mess. If getting wet or messy doesn’t strike you as fun or appealing, this is not the job for you! But for those who don’t mind getting buckets of water thrown in your face or dumped over you over and over again, this is a great fun opportunity! (And given our triple digit summer temperatures, any gig where you can be splashed with water and even PAID for it is actually a bit of a dream opportunity you rarely come across!)

Pay ranges from $15-35+ based on how much you shoot with most earning $25-35. We’re also looking for a select two or three actors to be series regulars that appear in multiple episodes throughout the season doing comedy bits and interstitial/bumper type segments (things like “Cash Splash will be right back with round three! You know, I wonder what they do with all the leftover pies they end up not using? I had to ask!”) This will pay $40-50 for 1.5 to 2-hour tapings knocking out as many of these short bits as we can with these actors having the opportunity to do several such taping sessions at different times as needed. Lots of fun to tape but the main catch is that you’ll constantly be having to dry off/clean up between each bit so you’ll be taking quite a few showers during that two hour period! These regularly featured actors should have “spokesman” type handsome looks, be good with comedic reactions/facial expressions, and have an easygoing likable nature to them. (Think a combination of catalog model, commercial pitchman and “Laugh-In”/”You Can’t Do That on Television” actor!) This is the only role that might require an actual audition as opposed to being cast straight from submissions. (We’ll most likely try you out doing a taping of the smaller comedy/montage bits and offering extended roles to the ones who work best/have that combination of qualities we’re looking for.)

Finally, we can always use actual contestants for the game itself. Now bear in mind this is low budget so you won’t win huge amounts but you receive a base pay of $10 for doing the shoot plus any cash won from the game (up to an additional $30 for our first run of episodes.) If you don’t do so well and don’t win too much you can still earn some more by doing some montage shots or bits so no one should walk away with less than $20. Some players can even return later for additional episodes playing against a friend of theirs or a “champ vs champ” (or “chump vs chump!”) type matchup.

Whether you’re interested in being a theme montage extra, a comedy bit actor/model, a regularly featured recurring model/actor or a contestant, this is a fun opportunity, a great way to spend a hot Phoenix summer day and even a chance to earn a bit of a fanbase!

Those interested should reply to with:
– Photo
– A general idea of your availability (what days of week/times of day work best for you – are there particular weeks/months you can/can’t be available?)
– Basic info about yourself such as any previous acting/modeling experience or just what would make you an ideal pick? (Don’t be modest – talk yourself up and make us want to throw a bunch of pies at you as soon as we can get you on location!)
– Do you wish to be a montage extra, comedic bit model/actor, regularly featured recurring actor/model, and/or contestant (you don’t have to pick just one – you can apply for as many of these as you’re generally interested in.)
– Let us know where you saw our casting notice!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Phoenix, Arizona
Please submit to:

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