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Game over / international project

Location: New-York city / New York

Type: Student Films

We are an international crew taking part an the inaugural exchange program allowing young up-and-coming directors to make films abroad. The project is called CineNomad School and is based out of SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory in NY.

GAME OVER is a drama that tells the story of EVA, a young mother fighting to make ends meet. She tries to balance her studies, her job, and her young child which leaves no time for her to enjoy her youth. The central conflict of GAME OVER is between Eva and her boyfriend and the father, DAVE, who is addicted to video games. When Eva finally tries to take a break, the true gravity of Dave’s addiction is revealed. The film explores the perils of this modern addiction.

ACTORS must be available for the film shoot between TUESDAY, JUNE 6TH – MONDAY, JUNE 12TH with potential pick-up days on JUNE 14 and 15. Because this crew is international we will only be in New York for these dates. DO NOT APPLY IF UNAVAILABLE.


*FEATURED EXTRAS NEEDED FOR PIZZERIA, CLASSROOM, AND STREET EXTERIORS- we may contact you for a U-5 role, if not cast as top 5

EVA- early 20’s

Eva is a young woman between 20 and 25. In addition to working the dinner shift at a pizzeria, she tries to take a class at the local university and take care of her young son, Teddy. She is fighting to make ends meet since getting pregnant in high school and getting kicked out of her disapproving parents’ house. She is very close with her grandmother and lives with Teddy’s father, Dave.

TEDDY – 5 yrs old

Teddy is a young and happy kid despite his difficult circumstances. He loves both of his parents and his grandmother and just wants everyone to get along. He is between 5 and 7 years old

DAVE – early 20’s

Dave is Teddy’s father, he is between 20 and 25. His addiction to video games is

a very big issue in his couple since he lacks time to take care of his child and girlfriend.

GRANDMOTHER – 60’s/70’s

Eva’s grandmother who did not disown Eva after her parents rejected Eva for having a baby in high school. She takes care of Teddy while Eva is in class. She is a tender and protective person who helps Eva without question.

MAGGIE – middle-aged/40-50’s

Maggie is Eva’s boss and the owner of the pizzeria. She is a nice woman but is out of patience and can no longer cope with Eva’s problems.

Please contact us at or at +33 667884625 ( the phone number is french but there are no extra charges as the production is in the US) ?

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: New-York city / New York
Please submit to:

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