Open Auditions in Atlanta for “12 Black Women in the Same Black Dress”


12 Black Women in the Same Black Dress

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Theater

“12 Black Women in the Same Black Dress,” by Tiffany J. Prewitt

The Cast (Please bring headshot and resume for audition, sides will be provided)

Katherine—Known as Katherine, never Kathy. She is beautiful and tall, thin size two in her 30s and has a successful life. The play takes place in her home. Katherine must be able to keep the show moving.

Kelly—battling anorexia and is very soft spoken and thin

Tracey-younger than most of the cast and although she is very attractive, she has very low self-esteem and looking for attention mostly from men. She is an upbeat character with a large range.

Victoria—has HIV and looks the absolute best in the dress. She is not thin or thick, average height with above average looks. She is VERY HOLLYWOOD and FAKE

Meosha—rough around the edges, a bit loud, very stylish from stealing

Simone—Katherine’s best friend, a lot like Katherine, but not as flamboyant and is very strongly rooted in the church

Samantha—married, unhappy a little thick, well-educated, quiet and solemn

Gigi—very petite, confrontational and feisty

Keisha—young housewife and mother, completely overwhelmed by life. Must have strong THEATRE skills and timing. Very complex and emotional role

Denise—thick dark-skinned, uncomfortable in group

Antoinette/Antoine—29 and holding drag queen

Christy—very fair skinned, looks white, very unsure of herself

Kadeem- exceptionally charming lawyer, Keisha’s husband. Charms the room

Omar—Lawyer, very good “catch” and flirtatious

Paul—Young home boy type of character, has eyes for Antoinette

TP Productions Casting Call Friday, Oct 27th @ 7pm
1604 West Cleveland, East Point, GA 30344

Friday, October 27th at 7 PM

TP Productions Dinner Theatre
1604 West Cleveland Ave
East Point, GA 30344

Payment: Other
stipend and ticket share

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA

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