Reality TV Casting Call for People Who Have Dated or Married Celebrities


Reality Show Auditions

CASTING WOMEN WHO HAVE DATED OR MARRIED A CELEBRITY for an upcoming reality TV series to air on a major cable network.

We’re looking for attractive and stylish females with huge personalities ages 21 – 40 who are the spouse, ex, lover or sweetheart of someone with status. We’re looking for that Sex and the City style and class female with those Love and Hip-Hop ways. Was there a bad break-up? Are you currently dating? Are there any regrets? Are you still friends with him?

Is your marriage a struggle? If you or anyone you know is a beautiful ex, wife or girlfriend of a celebrity or wealthy man and can identify with any or all of the above, we want to hear from you.

Please submit your photo, age, name, and contact info to: Also, let us know why you are a perfect fit for the show.

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