Acting Auditions in Coventry, UK for Student Film “Vengeance”



Location: Coventry, UK

Type: Student Films

Seeking reliable actors for “Vengeance,” a student film. Synopsis: Connor, an isolated young adult, is suffering from PTSD flashbacks, taking him back to the night when his sister was killed. Struggling to come to terms with her death, a deluded Connor looks to get his hands on the person whom he feels is to blame: his ex-girlfriend, Olivia. However, his lust for revenge quickly becomes an obsession, taking him to extreme measures just to get his hands on her, causing him to gradually lose his own grip on reality.

Available Roles –
Connor Newman (LEAD MALE) – Main protagonist; suffering from PTSD (flashbacks and nightmares) throughout the film, which takes him back to the night when he killed his sister in a freak accident; unable to take the blame for her death, Connor seeks revenge on the one person he feels is responsible: his ex-girlfriend, Olivia; with a lust for revenge and descending into insanity, Connor becomes more obsessed with Olivia and will do whatever it takes to get his hands on her.

Olivia Slater (LEAD FEMALE) – Kind and selfless, Olivia will do anything to keep out of trouble, but when her new boyfriend’s life is threatened by an unknown source, she becomes fearless and tries to protect him; however, little does she know that the unknown source that is threatening his life is her deranged ex-boyfriend, Connor Newman. Blamed for the death of his sister, Connor stalks her throughout the day; when confronted by the revenge-thirsty Connor, she must overcome her fear of her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Natalie Newman (SUPPORTING) – The sister of Connor who was killed in a freak accident a couple of years prior to the film’s story; seen in Connor’s PTSD flashbacks, Natalie is a very caring person who tries to keep the peace between Connor and Olivia during an argument; this protective nature is what causes her to get killed as she tries to separate the two during a conflict which involves a knife.

Kyle Reeves (SUPPORTING) – The current boyfriend of Olivia Slater; when Connor sees him and Olivia together, Connor’s plot for revenge comes together as he figures out the best way to lure Olivia back to the place where the story first began; attacked and kidnapped by Connor, Kyle is left helpless and afraid for his life, unbeknownst of what he’s got himself into and what Connor wants from him.

26th April in Coventry (CET Building & Town Centre; roles of Connor, Olivia, & Kyle) and 28th April in Rugby (roles of Connor, Olivia, & Natalie).

Potential third date:
28th April in Coventry (CET Building & Town Centre; roles of Connor, Olivia, & Kyle).

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Coventry, UK
Please submit to: by 2018-04-24

This casting notice was posted by: Morgan Blake

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