Acting Auditions in Dallas Texas for Indie Production “Mother of Lies”


Mother of Lies

Location: Dallas/ft. worth, Texas

Type: Film

Have you ever told a white lie and got away with it? What if that white lie can be the difference between life and death? Paul’s birthday wasn’t exactly as he had hoped but he didn’t want anyone to know that he was indeed disappointed. So, Paul simply tells a little lie, “it was GREAT!” Little does he know the cost of that white lie. What should the cost be? Who weighs out the price or value of a little white lie? In this story, you will find out not only the lie but what it cost to make it right.


Paul Wattleby (Male 20 to 25)

He is socially awkward, zero confidence, and all around not lucky. He is the reason we know about the Mother of Lies.

Melvin “Eights” Torres (Male 20 to 25)

He is an old friend to Paul. He may not be the smartest guy in the bunch but he is loyal to a fault. He is a carefree, relies on his charm, and loyal to his friends.

Eric Lopez (Male 20 to 25)

He is also Paul’s friend. He is the wet blanket of the group. He is always cautious and it takes a lot for him to trust. He is often the straight-laced, logical guy, and he keeps Eights in check.

Chase Dowdy (Male 30’s to 40’s)

He is the go to person when solving a case. He has a keen eye for detail. His pompous, confident, socially adaptable and he excels at diffusing problems and getting his man.

Mitch Callum (Male 30’s to 40’s)

He is and always will be the side-kick. He is dimwitted facade to feign loyalty to Chase his partner. He uses his position to sell drugs and cut corners with the law. He is the type of guy you really never know what he has up his sleeve.

Pattie Smith (Female 30’s to 40’s)

She does her best to keep order and solve the case. The two detectives make it hard trying to put her in her place and prove they are better than her, she will get the job done. She is determined, strong willed, confident and will stop at nothing to get her to the bottom of her case!


Police Officers – we are looking for police officers for a crime scene. They shine bright with confidence, partnership, willing to review the facts while they don’t trust anyone. To the Police Officers everyone is guilty until they prove they are innocent.

Auditions will be held May 19th and 20th. Please email to schedule an audition.

We will be shooting the last weekend in May (5/26-27) and the first weekend in Jun (6/2-3).

Payment: you will get credit and copy of Film. You will also be provided with food while you are on set. You will also be provided with transportation if needed.

Auditions will be May 19 – 20th

Payment: Non Paid
Copy of project, credit, meals, and crafty

City or Location of call: Dallas/ft. worth, Texas
Please submit to: by 2018-05-13

This casting notice was posted by: Maria Golihar

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  1. Tommie Ealy

    Hi Maria,

    As we get closer to the audition date, will you update where or how the auditions will work?



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