Actor Auditions in Baltimore, MD for Democracy Collaborative Video Project


Democracy Collaborative Casting Call

Location: Baltimore, MD

Type: Film

Wide Angle Youth Media is producing a short video in partnership with the Democracy Collaborative, a policy institute that works with national partners to build more inclusive economies. The video focuses on how healthcare systems can have a positive impact on community health by buying and hiring from their local communities. This project is being produced through our “Wide Angle Productions” program, which trains and pays young people to produce videos for local and national partners.

Location: Bon Secours Hospital 1558, 2000 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21223

Parking: There is a lot at the hospital. The rate is $2 per hour. Wide Angle can compensate you for parking costs. There is also usually street parking within 1-2 blocks of the hospital. Please check street signs carefully.

Date: Tuesday 5/8/18. Note: two of the roles will require an additional session of filming on another date, at a separate location. These roles include Character #2 and Character #3. More information on page 2 of this document.

Compensation: Wide Angle can provide a $50 stipend for your time. Wide Angle prefers to pay this as an Amazon gift card. If you prefer, Wide Angle can pay via check, however this will take a minimum of two weeks to process and mail to you.

Acting Needs: There are no speaking roles. The scenes are all very basic shots of a health care professionals from Bon Secours Hospital interacting with a patient. For example, smiling, nodding, having blood pressure checked, etc. The actor for character #3 (the physical therapy scene) has a slightly more involved roll. Details are on the second page of this document.

Time Commitment: We will need talent with us for around 2 hours. Talent will probably be on camera for about 30 minutes, but we will need some time to find them in the building, get the scene blocked, and light the scene. We are planning to film during normal business hours – 9am-5pm. We are working with the hospital to

Wardrobe/Makeup: Talent will be responsible for their own wardrobe, hair, and makeup. We have included ideas for wardrobe. Please check with us if you have any questions or concerns. We will also have some transparent powder on us to get rid of skin shine, but will not be able to do more elaborate makeup.

Please email headshot and a link to any relevant work samples to

Character #1: Young adult in Exam Room
Age 20-30
Wardrobe: business casual. Sharp, fitted button down in plain color. Chinos or jeans. No logos or text.

Character #2: Mom with Baby in Pediatrician’s Office
Age 30-40
Wardrobe: business casual. Blouse. Dark Pants. No logos or text. Some basic accessories (necklace, earrings, etc).
Baby: 6-18 months. Fun, neutral outfit (no logos or text; avoid blue/pink gender conforming colors. Need baby accessories – toys, pacifier, bottle, diapers, etc.
ADDITIONAL FILMING: Will need same actress and baby for a separate scene, on a separate day before Monday 5/14. Scene will include pushing baby on stroller through a park.

Character #3: Older patient in Physical Therapy Office
Age 60-70. Gray hair. Should be able to read as a grandfather.
ADDITIONAL FILMING: this role will require two sessions of filming. One at the hospital on Tues 5/8, and another 1-hour session sometime before Mon 5/14.
Hospital Scene: will be doing light physical therapy exercise with a doctor. Nothing strenuous.
Park Scene: will be relaxing on a park bench. location and date to be worked out with the actor.
Hospital Wardrobe: Something comfortable for light exercise: White or gray t-shirt. Black or gray sweatpants. Socks and tennis shoes. Avoid text and logos if possible.
Park Wardrobe: something casual but distinguished: button-down shirt, trousers, loafers.

Character #4: Mature patient at Nurses Station:
Age 40-60.
Wardrobe: T-shirt or casual top. Casual, lightweight jacket or cardigan. Casual Pants. Purse. Any basic accessories they like to wear. No logos or text.

Character #5: Construction Worker
Male or Female
Age 20-40
Wardrobe: T-shirt or lightweight button down. Jeans. We will provide additional wardrobe (hard hat, safety goggles, work gloves, high-visibility vest)
Would be filmed on a day separate from the hospital shoot, based on actor’s availability. Would need to be filmed at same time as character #6.

Character #6: Health Care Executive
Male or Female
Age 40-60
Wardrobe: Business attire – suit and tie. Navy or charcoal color. We will provide additional wardrobe (hard hat) – scene involves interacting with the construction worker on a job site.
Would be filmed on a day separate from the hospital shoot, based on actor’s availability. Would need to be filmed at the same time as character #5.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Baltimore, MD
Please submit to: by 2018-05-15

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