Actor Auditions in Oahu Hawaii for Polynesian Actors & Actor Appearing Italian

Auditions in Hawaii

Location: Hawaii (Oahu)

Type: Other Projects

We’re looking to cast 3-5 Polynesian settlers and 1 boat captain, non-union. $175 a day.

Please take video of your audition and send ASAP to the email provided.

For the boat captain, we’re looking for an older man with wrinkles, preferably white facial hair, and intense eyes. Any ethnicity except Caucasian.

Boat Captain sides —

Wanderer: Excuse me! Buongiorno! Je suis buscando la historidad lo sport del golf. (Subtitles)
Boat Captain (strangely, suspiciously and ever so slowly): You mean, the top performing ball… That is also… HALF OF ZIE PRICE?? (Italian Accent)
Boat Captain jumps off of the boat.

Polynesian settler sides —

Wanderer: Hola!
Polynesian settlers ready their spears.
Wanderer: WAIT, WAIT! I’m here to learn the origin of the city of stars!
Polynesian settlers look at each other, confused. They whisper to each other in some sort of clicking language and reach understanding, motioning for the wanderer to follow. They take him to a cave and motion for him to go in.
Wanderer: Alone?
The Polynesian settlers nod.
Wanderer: Quite scary in here
One of the Polynesian settlers laughs and reveals a logo tattooed on his lower back.
Polynesian settler: For top performance at half the price just go online to origin of the stars dot com. We promise it’s not scary.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Hawaii (Oahu)
Please submit to: by 2018-05-03

This casting notice was posted by: Amira Francis (Producer)

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