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6 Child Actors for Student Film Project

Location: South Jordan, UT

Type: Student Films

UNPAID Project.

We are on the lookout for actors for a student senior project short film, tentatively titled, “The Clover Club Truck”. Based on real-life events of a family who moves across the country in a chip hauling truck. 2 parents, 6 kids, 1 potato chip truck and a whole lotta boxes, this story is packed full of hilarious moments that will make you want to follow the journey to the end.

Auditions will be SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND, from 11-3 PM in the Classroom Building at Utah Valley University, room CB 105A.

We are currently casting for the roles of Steve, JoAnna, Stephanie, Byron, Josh, Stevie, Ben, & Aubri.

STEVE (Male, 30s to 40s) is a father and husband who is trying to move his family across the US. Steve is a calm man who enjoys his daily journey, and only worries about things on the inside. Steve enjoys family life but is sometimes caught unaware in his parenting responsibilities.

JOANNA (Female, 30s to 40s) is a fierce mother who knows how to be a million places at once, but is a little too stretched. She worries about a million things, and feels out of control when it comes to her husband, and his wandering soul.

Stephanie (Female, 14 – can be played by an older person who looks younger) is a teenager who has to deal with three rowdy younger brothers and two toddler siblings. She is a great kid who enjoys helping but gets tired of her big family at times.

Byron (Male, 12 – can be played by an older person who looks younger) is the oldest brother and is the pack leader in his younger brother’s eyes. He knows he is cool and wants to keep up appearances.

Josh (Male, 10 – can be played by an older person who looks younger) wants to be the cool guy. He admires his older brother but he doesn’t want to live in his shadow all the time.

Stevie (Male, 8 – can be played by an older person who looks younger) is a sweet kid who loves following his older brothers lead. He cares deeply for his family and wants to make sure everyone is happy.

Ben (Male toddler, around 3) who enjoys hamming it up for the camera. Needs to be able to take direction from The Director or a Parent. Has to cry and whine several times in the film.

Aubri (Female, 6-month-old child) Easy going baby who can be held by someone other than a parent. Excited workable parents who might enjoy seeing their baby in a film.

Please contact me at or at 636-698-8823 to schedule your audition time, recieve the sides, and for more information. Tentative shoot dates for this production are Thurs-Sat, August 23-25 and August 30-31, September 1st and we plan to shoot in the Utah County area.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: South Jordan, UT
Please submit to: by 2018-06-04

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