Auditions for Lead & Supporting Roles in New Miniseries in Ogden Utah

By | January 10, 2018


Our team is ecstatic to announce auditions for season one of Places, a new miniseries telling a story set in the wild world of community theatre. Written and directed by Jake T. Holt with original music by Rick Rea.

We’re looking for strong actors with either film or theatre backgrounds (some improvisation will be strongly encouraged). Shoots May through August, mostly on weekends and mostly at The Ziegfeld Theater in Ogden. More detailed schedule and locations forthcoming. There will be six episodes, each around 25 minutes long. Roles are unpaid. We will distribute the series to YouTube, Vimeo, and potentially Amazon Studios.

The roles are as follows:

Places Character List:


Luke Merrill: (21-25, singing role, basic-intermediate guitar skills a huge plus) The unlikely leading man. A musician lacking confidence, but not talent. A romantic who has a history of making bad choices and needs a new start.

Jazmine Jacobsen (22-30, singing role): An overworked and successful corporate hotshot who uses theatre as an escape from the job that’s “killing her soul”. Filterless, high-strung, passionate.

Clarence Calvin (50-65, non-singing role): The director of the show-within-the-show. A local legend with a Broadway resume who has made his return to Salt Lake City. Bold, articulate, grandiose, eccentric.

Aaron Gregg (18-25, singing role): A former child actor whose career has tanked, forcing him into the world of community theatre. Very talented despite the chaos. Neurotic, unstable, desperate.

Andrew Ramos (22-30, singing role): The chill, level-headed confidant of all who does theatre mainly for the social outlet. Has a history with the law for his methods of money-making.

Noah Bridges: (21-25, non-singing role): Stage manager, yoga-instructor, fashionista, and social-media fiend. Works very hard and takes pride in his job as the stage manager.

Allyson Welker (21-25, singing role): A recent ex of Luke as well as the assistant director of the show-within-the-show. Manipulative, ambitious, and self-serving. The typical Slytherin.

Jen Isaac (25-35, singing role): An actress known mostly for being cast in seductive and sexy roles. Recently played Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. Also a dental hygienist.

Derek Thackeray (21-25, singing role): Simultaneously the marketing manager and a regular actor of the theatre. Possesses the smarts to make a lot of money, but is too loyal to the theatre to leave.


Violet (21-30, non-singing role): The costume designer. Social and witty. Her life outside theatre is a mystery.

Olivia Holland (25-35, music reading and piano skills recommended): the music director of the show-within-the-show. Professional, dignified. Could potentially be male.

Ted (30-35, non-singing role): Allyson’s ex and an all-around strange man with a strange goal. Makes an appearance in the first episode.

Marjorie Ziegfeld (35-45, non-singing role): Owner of the theatre. Motherly and sweet on the outside. Fierce, cold businesswoman on the inside.

Luke’s Parents, Brother, and Sister (parents 40-50, siblings 20-30, non-singing roles)

Please email with a headshot or recent picture and resume to submit for an audition. Also in need of crew members with experience in lighting, costume design, hair and makeup, sound, and camera equipment. We will be accepting submissions until March 8th. Color-blind casting. Good luck, and please reach out with any questions.

One thought on “Auditions for Lead & Supporting Roles in New Miniseries in Ogden Utah

  1. Madison Winnie

    I was wondering whether you’re still casting for this production? I’m incredibly interested if you are. I would love to audition for Allyson or Jazmine if you haven’t cast those roles yet. I am 19 years old, 5’6″ blonde hair, blue eyes. I’ve been singing and acting all my life as a hobby and am looking to do something more serious. I look forward to hearing back from you if you’re still looking.


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