Auditions in Atlantic City New Jersey for Web Pilot

By | December 12, 2018

Web Series Pilot

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Type: Web series

13 East Black Horse Pike, Pleasantville, NJ 08232

We are looking for non union actors.

film date is December 29 in Pennsylvania (The Main Line area).

There will be pay tbd with actor upon casting and food and beverage will be provided. Filming more episodes after the pilot. Availability on the weekend is a must as we will be filming on Saturday and Sundays.
This is a great opportunity-


EMAIL your headshot/photo & resume to with the character you would like to audition for in the subject line.
Come to the open call at 13 East Black Horse Pike, Pleasantville, NJ 08232 with your photo and resume printed out


The Characters

Mark is the central male lead. He is middle aged, Jewish 45-50. He is a Psychologist and lives in the Main Line, a western suburb outside
Philadelphia. He is moderately successful, not materialistic, very empathic and caring towards people. He often reduces his fees for patients who can not afford his fee. He is a bit naive, disorganized with an air of being caught up in his own mind. He talks to himself a lot and struggles with his materialistic wife, a somewhat arrogant, Main Line Waspy type woman. He annoys his children, esp his 16 yr old daughter who thinks he is a jerk. He is pretty oblivious to what his wife and daughter think of him. He is not quite grown up yet, often fantasizing about being a basketball star but has never been good at sports. He is besieged by his dead mother, not quite sure if she is a figment of his imagination or a real ghost. In film, actors like Steve Carrell or Jack Black come to mind as the type of character who expresses some of Mark’s personality.

Mark’s mother, Arlene
Arlene died about 15 years ago when Mark was breaking age 30. She has always been an intrusive, helicopter Jewish parent, rarely taking a passive backseat in the family. She comes from Easton, Pa, a coal miming town . She and her family were abandoned by their father when he decided to go live with another woman. She is a survivor and fighter. She is the opposite of “flashy,” more of a schlep . She looks like she hangs out in yard sales and flea markets a lot. She always is carrying bags of clothes and trinkets she bought at these sales. She could easily pass for being Italian living in South Philadelphia or even a refugee from Eastern Europe. Her hair is grey, poorly cut and a smudge of red lip stuck is imprinted on her lips. A little rouge is on her cheeks. She likes pearl necklaces. She wears sneakers.

Shelly is Mark’s secretary/assistant. She is around age 55 and is Afro American. She has never married and has no children. Actually she is much more than his secretary. . She is secretly in love with him but Mark has no awareness of her devotion and caring toward him. She often makes him chocolate chip cookies but frequently eats them herself because of her unrequited wish for what she perceives to be an impossible dream of receiving love from Mark. She seems settled into taking on a materialistic attitude toward her quirky boss. Where he losses or displaces files and personal possessions, she has an uncanny skill at finding them. She is the perfect Sherpa, always ready to serve and carry on no matter the situation . She never complains. She is a perfect “mother” figure for him, ie, accepting, patient and caring.

Andy is a twenty something patient who has fallen in love with his personal trainer, an Afro-American woman still married but separated from her convicted felon husband who is running away from the police and jail time. She has one child who Andy has taken a liking to. He comes from a blue collar family and his parents are devoted Catholics . He is in conflict and a power struggle with them because they feel he is betraying his Catholic roots by wanting to marry a non believer. He thinks they are prejudiced and racists. He is besides himself feeling pulled between family duty and his love for his trainer. He wants to move in with her. This is driving his mother crazy.

Andy’s Mother
A devout Catholic, very traditional and locked into her beliefs. She and her husband join their son for a therapy session with Mark to discuss their family dilemma. She and her husband are older, around 50-60 years old. Andy is their only child. She is quite protective and possessive toward him. She comes into session wearing a big cross and a matronly black old fashioned dress and old shoes. She thinks Andy will go to hell unless she can save him from the evil clutches of his girlfriend. She is on a crusade to save him at any cost.

Andy’s Father
Andrew, Andy’s dad, is an accountant, very analytical, dominated by his devout wife and obedient to her commands. He is tense and works diligently to be perfect and not make a mistake. He dresses in a conservative suit and looks like he does not get much sun, exercise or even good nutrition. He rarely smiles. There is a quality of looking exhausted on his face. He loves his son and is torn between Andy and the mom but usually sides with her in any argument. He too is worried about his son and comes to the therapy session full of facts and figures on the girlfriend’s criminal fugitive husband and hearsay about her character.

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Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Please submit to: by 2018-12-14

This casting notice was posted by: Weist-Barron-Ryan Acting Studios/Ryan Casting

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