Auditions in Los Angeles for TV Pilot – Speaking Roles



Actors for TV pilot

Location: Los Angeles

1. Episode Title “ABC” (S1E1)

2. Union / Non-Union Status Union/Non-Union

3. Production Type Episodic Series

4. Length 60 Minutes

5. Project Format Digital VR/Standard (UHD)

6. Production Company GHOST, LLC

7. Company website ADAM-HENRY.COM

8. Producer Joe Johnson

9. Casting Director Miriam Davis

10. Audition Location Per Invite Only

11. Shooting Location Los Angeles County



Episodic 60-Minute Suspense-Thriller Police Procedural Dramedy; Three Detectives in the LAPD Special Investigations Unit, their work, their private lives and their Motto:

“ABC”– Accept Nothing, Believe No One and Challenge Everything!



DETECTIVE MIKE BLACK: Male Cauc. mid-20’s, 5’10” -6’1”, Australian accent, by the book, sympathetic towards victims.

DETECTIVE MILES WHITE: Male African-American, late 20’s, 5’11 to 6’1” very well-built plays football on the LAPD football team, has legal custody of his two siblings.


Bi-sexual, blonde hair, 115 lbs., cheerleader type.

UNIT ADMINSTRATIVE ASSISTANT DAMIEN DE MARCO: Male, Italian-American, 30-year-old, wants to be Police Officer. Smart dresser.

DETECTIVE SAMANTHA “SAM” LAN-SE: Female Chinese-American, early 20’s, 5’4”, about 120 lbs., rookie, strong willed, desires to be a perfectionist, thinks she doesn’t need any ones help.

DETECTIVE SUPERVISOR ASHLEY GREEN: Female, Cauc., mid to late-40’s, motherly type, transplanted New Yorker.

HUNTER SINCOCK, MD: Male, Cauc, 45-50 years old, Upper-Crust UK transplant, LAPD Consulting Psychiatrist & Author of 2 Best Selling books.

AL “TEDDY” SMITH. Male, Cauc, 22-30 years old, tall, football build, CSI tech, good natured.

COMMANDER ENRIQUE ROJO: Male, Hispanic, 50-55 years old, openly Gay.

CRYSTAL BLACK: Female, Cauc, Australian, mid to late 40s, 5’6”-5’7”, Drama Queen, hovering mother type.

ELISHA WHITE: Female, African-American, 14 years old, 5’5”-5’6”, Detective White’s little sister.

JAMAL WHITE: Male, African-American, 22 years old, 5”8 -5”9, Detective White’s brother.

MARIA ROJO-DORADO: Female, Hispanic, 13 years old, adopted daughter of Enrique and Lito.

LITO DORADO-ROJO Male, Hispanic, 48 years old, married to Enrique, Gay.

KIMBERLY “KIMMY” LAN-SE: Female, Chinese-American, 18 years old. Sister of Samantha Lan-Se

FBI SPECIAL AGENT ANTHONY”TONY GRIGIO Male Cauc. 45-50 years old . He’s intense, by the book, wants cases settled yesterday and feels the unit is lazy and needs to have a fire lit under them, BUT he is on loan from the FBI so he needs to fit in without ruffling feathers. He is trying to work his way into this unit and take over.

EPISODIC SPECIFIC (* Some of below have several episodes)

*CHEYENNE: Female, Native-American, 30-35 years old, Det. Black’s late partner who got shot and died in his arms

*CAMERON HOUSEMAN: MALE Cauc 18/19. Sympathetic type, Surfer look and attitude, calm ,relaxed but always ready to Party

*BRIAN GARFIELD: Male, Cauc., 27 years old, 6’, bouncer at nightclub. Samantha Lan-Se

x-boyfriend, very possessive.

*RICK GRIMES: Male, injured soldier in Afghanistan.

*WILLIAM “BILLY” BENEDICT: Male, Cauc, mid 40’s, in prison for crime he did not commit, ER physician.

*STALKER: Male, 22-30 years old, 5’8”– 5’10”, short hair, scruffy facial hair, blends in with crowd, vet tech.

*ROBERT “BOBBY” BANKS: Male, Cauc., late 30’s, Surfer look, hard drinker, Want-a-be actor. Always dresses in black w/black hoodie, Professional Skateboarding Coach and has jealous streak.

*CANDICE “CANDY” ADAIR: Female, Cauc, young looking 20’s (looks more like 15) “candy-striper” perky, drop dead cute. Happy person inside and out.

JOANNE TAYLOR: Female, Cauc, early to mid-40’s, married to David Taylor, Drama Queen, spoiled, bored housewife.

DAVID TAYLOR: Male, Cauc., mid 40’s, taller than wife. accountant, workaholic, very boring type.

MRS. MONITOR: Female, 40 to 50’s, short and not thin

KELLY WHITEHEAD: Male, Irish, mid-50’s, hit-man.


Compensation Open per Contract

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