Auditions in NYC for “Biography” Short Film Project



Location: Local New York, NY

Type: Film

“Biography” is a short film that shed’s a spotlight on everyday issues within our community. In short, the film is about a high school student that has the potential and tools to be extremely successful; but is hindered by his own actions to follow his peers. He finds temporary satisfaction in his ability to “fit in.” However, one day he’s inspired by another student to find his identity and follow his dreams. The film outlines how he later finds comfort and peace, and as a result, actually inspires other students to do the same. The overall message is to promote the idea of individuality and creativity. The youth are our future, and we believe that this film will empower them in ways that we cannot imagine.

Shoot Date: 10 hours on June 23, 2018

Who: Production is written and produced by Of Cut Cloth dba Nippy Scorcher for submission to the 48-Hour Film Festival, New York, NY.

Written and produced by: Renard Celestin, Co-Creative Director – Nippy Scorcher
Brian Gregory, Co-Creative Director – Nippy Scorcher

What: “Biography” is a short-film about high-school teenagers discovering what it means to be a unique individual in a society that tries to force people into standardized ideas and processes, hampering individuality, creativity and independent thinking. The underlying theme of the film will be to showcase how individualism inspires and drives popular culture.

Where: Various locations within City of New York and Jersey City, NJ

Casting: Casting for 3 principal roles and several supporting and background/extra roles.

Mike: High School Senior (Male) – Casting Age 18-20
Timmy/Tiffany: High School Senior (Male or Female) – Casting Age 18-21
Mom: (Female) – Casting Age 30-45
Fabric Store Associate: Casting Age 25-45
Mr. Thompson (Teacher) – Casting Age 30-50 (No Sides, submit video stating name, location, and brief info on yourself)
Classmates: Casting Ages – 18-23

Compensation: No monetary compensation will be provided. Meals during production and video reel of film will be provided to all talent.

Auditions: Auditions shall be submitted in self-recorded video format. Simply read the provided sides as you envision the scene and character. Please have another person reading the other character’s part on the sides (a internet search of “audition reading” will provide insight and direction). Parental consent is necessary for all potential talent younger than 18 years of age. See “Self-recorded Audition Video Release” for more information.

Deadline for Audition Video Submissions: June 17, 2018
Self-recorded Audition tapes should be sent to:

Please see the following pdf for more info: combinepdf

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Local New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2018-06-17

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