Toronto, Ontario Actors for Indie Film “Toronto, Ontario”

Bye Bye Bathurst

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Type: Film

Below are the roles we still need to fill. All are just one scene except for Holly which has three.

This is a non-union show and there is no direct compensation for this job. You will be given a DVD of the finished film as well as your scenes to play online.

You must live close to the Greater Toronto Area; within an hour of travel.

Race: Any

Holly is Kate’s (24) romantic and live-in partner. She’s mature for her age and provides Kate with a lot of emotional and intellectual support. Holly works in the human resources department of a big insurance company in downtown Toronto. She’s in love with Kate a will go a long way to keep their relationship together.

Race: Any except for Caucasian

Marianne is a manager at a content marketing agency. She’s has a big heart and takes an interest in her employees’ personal well-being. She always has too many balls in the air and often needs her employees to help her stay up to speed and keep things organized. She’s good at handling stress because nothing much really gets to her; she has a good perspective.

Race: Any except for Caucasian

Miles is the proud father of Hunter who is entering his first year of U. of Toronto. Miles is affable, polite but talks a bit much – he likes to impress people with stories of his past and his accomplishments. It’s a way for him to forget that he’s not 25 anymore.

Race: Caucasian

Dr. Nash is a family doctor. Nash is confident and does not believe in any alternative therapies or even modes such as Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine.

Race: Any.

Randall is a first-year student at U. of Toronto. He’s optimistic and enthusiastic. He’s been living under the watchful and protective eye of his parents and is new to living on his own and generally ignorant of the ways of the world.

Race: Caucasian

Terry is a handsome, savvy, 3rd year, U of Toronto student.

Auditions are being held near Spadina and Bloor on JUNE 21st, starting at 6 PM. Please fill out the form at
to book your audition time. We will call you back to schedule your audition. These initial auditions are 10 minutes in length. There will be callbacks. We will only contact you by phone to book your audition so please leave your phone number in the message body.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Toronto, Ontario
Please submit to: You will read from the sides that are provided at

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