Cast Your Family in a New TV Show – Does Your Family Need To Star In A TV Series


Does your family need their own reality show?

A new show and it’s casting teams are looking for fun, unusual, lovable and blended families to possibly star in a new show about American families.

The show is seeking non-traditional families that are very close knit, have a great time together and stand out from other families.

Now Casting Families To Star In Their Own Series! (NATIONWIDE)

• Do you have an incredibly interesting, unique or unusual family that DESERVES to have their own television series?
• Is your family FULL of fun, over-the-top, funny, lovable and colorful characters?
• Are you part of a blended (or soon to be blended) family with a truly original and unusual dynamic all your own?
• Are you expecting, adopting or adding members to your family life that will be sure to make your family standout from traditional families?
• Does your family fight, laugh and play harder than any other family that you know?
• Does your family have an exciting family business/hobby/sport that you are all involved in?
• Do you have an incredibly close-knit family that all lives in the same house or the same neighborhood?
• Is your planning a new chapter of their life that is sure to shake things up? (A cross country move, a new business venture, a new family member)

Acclaimed TV Production company in cooperation with a MAJOR cable television network is on the lookout for fascinating, engaging, 100% unique and HEAD LINE worthy families across the country to star in their own television series! Get paid, share your one-of-a-kind family and have the adventure of a lifetime!

If you think you have what it takes, shoot an email with a brief bio, several photos and contact information to:

5 thoughts on “Cast Your Family in a New TV Show – Does Your Family Need To Star In A TV Series

  1. Angel Osastin

    We need this family tv show, I mean we are a family of 9, 2 parents, 4 girls and 3 boys we come across this thought of having a family tv show a lot because there is just too much to catch with a naked eye. The Kardashian’s are great but can they keep up with us at our level. We are all individually different which is definitely what drives us down each other’s spines. We definitely have a wide variety of interests for example football, singing, dancing, fashion,acting, makeup and so much. It would be great to have our own featuring tv show.

  2. Tiffany Mcdonald

    We are the McDonald family from Utah! We just emailed you!:) Biological , Foster , and adopted kids with a ton of talent and love filming!

  3. Nashanti Smith

    I’m Nashanti Smith, signing my family up for a reality tv show. I’m a 16 year old mother, I got pregnant at 15 & had my baby at 15. My daughter is now 3 months old, her name is Zuri. I’m the oldest child & I have 3 siblings. 2 girls ,1 boy. I also have 3 step siblings, 2 boys & 1 older girl, whom also has a baby. Her baby’s name is Kaylin, she’s 8 months & her mom is 20. She’s Ashanti, I’m Nashanti. I’m a upcoming rapper & I plan on modeling,acting ,or being a dental assistant. Me and my boyfriend/baby daddy have been together 3 years. I’m African American, along with my family. My mom does hair & we’re very family oriented. Holidays & weekends we spend together.

  4. Michelle Fridley

    Our family is totally unique and out of the box. Think Honeybooboo meets dance moms. Our family owns and runs a small town dance studio in Kansas. Mom & 2 daughters love every minute they spend together were inseparable the rest of our family thinks were nuts people in our small town think we’re white trash and our crazy dance moms keep us constantly on our toes. We also vlog it all on our YouTube series!

  5. Jean E McGowan

    Wow – I just stumbled upon this looking for auditions for my 13 year-old-step daughter.

    You are looking for our family! We’ve are a blended family of 8! See vimeo video I made for an outdoor company: (2 parents, girl 13, boy 14, twin 17 boy/girl, girl 18, girl 19 (three high school seniors!!!) We live in Portland, Oregon – in crazy a house. Gerry and I have lived together as partners and raised our kids for the last eight years. We survived our divorces and the economic crisis of the late 2000’s and have been raising this crazy group of gorgeous kids. This year we hope to finally get married – probably in the same month three of our kids are going college – talk about insanity. The kids are an interesting assortment of personalities with wide variety of interests – theater, video games, wrestling, politics, music, singing, fashion, make-up, skiing, surfing (we live in Oregon – the most beautiful state) They have issues – two of them have ADHD – they have therapists – as a couple we have seen a family therapist for five years to learn how to navigate this madness. We have three pets we talk about constantly – cat, dog and guinea pig. We argue – A LOT! Everyone is passionate about what ever issue is bugging them at any moment in time. They are social media savvy and we fight about screen use all the time. We go to church – everyone is Catholic except me – I’m agnostic. We are very liberal – and boisterous about our beliefs. Here’s a link to my instagram to see more of us.


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