Casting Actors in Champaign, Illinois for Speaking Roles in Film


Location: Champaign, Illinois

Type: Film

We are doing a feature film about a shark terrorizing youth in a lake and it will be distributed worldwide.

We are looking for actors between the ages of 17 and 55. Shooting begins July 22nd in Danville, Illinois. We are also looking for a young female child actress around the age of 12 to fulfill the role of the female lead’s younger sister.

Character BIOS:

Lead female, leggy, 17-19 years old, dating Nate, tenderhearted, genuine

Female, Annabel’s little sister, 12-14, poor swimmer, a bit self-centered but innocent

Male, antagonist, jock, cocky, 17-19 years old, dating Annabel

Male, athletic, witty, cocky, 17-19, Nate’s wingman

Female, African American, 17-19, dating Chad, extrovert, great smile

Female, busty, 17-19, Nate’s ex (wants him back), resourceful, direct

Male, preppy, sailboat operator, 17-19, dating Dixie, very pleasant fellow

Male, the primary antagonist, leg amputee, Caucasian, 35-55, ruthless, violent, trigger-happy

Male redneck, 30-50, Caucasian, follows Dax like a puppy

Male, lanky, 30-50, not very bright

Character sides are available. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Champaign, Illinois
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This casting notice was posted by: Robin Christian, Dreamscape Cinema

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