Casting Atlanta Area Entrepreneurs for “Whose The Baw$e”


Got some business ideas?

A new show wants to hear all about them if you live around the Atlanta area.

Have an idea for a great business?

Are you an ASPIRING ENTREPRENEUR or is your Current Business Ready to Expand? Think you are on the verge of the next great idea, incredible invention or dope new product?

Whatever your dream is, THE BAWSE wants to make it a reality. All you have to do is send a one minute video telling us why you love your idea and know if funded, could be worth tens if not millions of dollars! Take that passion and drive and tell us why YOU ARE READY TO BE A BAW$E. It could be worth mentoring from a multi-millionaire and $50,000.

Apply now. Send your quick one-minute smartphone intro video along with a current photo your name, city, contact number, Instagram and Facebook handle and SKYPE NAME and we will send you more info and set you up to get your shot to pitch your dream! You can also reach us and text the information. First 50 applicants get VIP access so hit us up before Friday, August, 10th.

Text: 424-209-8693

2 thoughts on “Casting Atlanta Area Entrepreneurs for “Whose The Baw$e”

  1. Lena Bussman

    I really want to date Johnny Depp. First of all we are both Rebone Cherokees, both born in the South both artists who work in more than one medium, both talented and on draw to him.

  2. Lena Bussman

    Please send me auditions information if you have a reality show that needs a professional artist, fashion stylist, or gives me a chance to direct films or have a company put my art on shoes or clothing or products or a romance show where l get to date a celebrity like Johnny Depp or hot somewhat younger guys that are cool and l could get engaged to at the end of the show or if u need a professional spiritual physic medium. I’m all of the things above and I am a INFJ, the rarest personality type in the Meyers Bridges test. I’m 60 healthy and single and live in Indianapolis IN. I’ve worked as a freelancer in the film & print business for around 34 years. I’ve had a very usual and interesting life. I have an IQ over 160 last time I was tested. I would also be on a reality show that gave me like a body uplift. Lol You know like some cool sculpting and gets rid of wrinkles and plumps stuff up and does dental work. Like giving an old house a renovation. Lol There use to be a show like that. It cracked me up at the time and now l think what a great flipping idea. Lol


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