Casting Call for Student Film Project “Misunderstood” in NYC



Location: New York, NY

Type: Student Films

– Female, Black, 27-32 year old, natural hair preferably
– Female, Black, 24-30 years old
– Male, Caucasian, 40’s,
– Female, Hispanic, 30’s or 40’s
– Male, Black, 50’s or 60’s
– Female, Caucasian, 50’s
– Male, Caucasian, 30’s or 40’s
– 7 extras to play board members and corporate employees

Character traits are as follows:

JACKY MOYO (Female, Black, 27-32 year old, natural hair preferably)Jacky is a young female (late twenties) immigrant from Africa, who moved to the United States in search of a better future. She is well educated yet still clueless about the culture in the US. Jacky a little old fashioned, usually dressed up in semi traditional wear and has a non-American accent. She is an inventor at heart and has a brilliant idea for a gaming system that will help kids with autism. Jacky completed her research and has found a company that may give her a chance to do her presentation and could possibly help millions of kids around the world. Jacky is kind-hearted, ethical, ambitious, a quick thinker and very calculating. She is however, shy when you first meet her, yet recovers from it quickly. When faced with a challenge and determined to succeed, Jacky becomes a completely different person but always has good intentions for her actions.

Mr. ROSS (Male, Black, 50’s or 60’s) Mr. Ross is the CEO of the company, in his late fifties. He is in a position of power. They all respect him. He sets them straight but never abuses his power. He is always looking for new ideas and opportunities to keep the company on top. He believes in grooming the younger generation to be improved executives in the future.

TOM EFRON (Male, Caucasian, 40’s) A company executive, late 40’s, uses his money to get just about anything he wants. He can be arrogant yet not a bad person. He is married with kids but has his fair share of fun outside the marriage, including an affair with a co-worker. He is intelligent and knows talent when he sees one. He has a major influence in the company and values his job.

JESS (Female, Black, 24-30 years old) A receptionist, mid 20’s. She’s beautiful and knows it. Unethical, has a GED, goes to night school but is not intelligent. She uses her looks to get what she wants. Disrespectful to those she perceived as below her. Not much of a hard worker, grew up privileged.

SOPHIA (Female, Hispanic, 30’s or 40’s) A Hispanic woman, mid to late 30’s. Loud and overbearing. She has obviously been through a lot and it comes out with her bossiness. She loves to give out orders and using the little power she must belittle those underneath her.

JAKE (Male, Caucasian, 30’s or 40’s) Creative systems designer. In his 30’s, confident, good looking, smart dresser, neat. Well-spoken and professional.

PA (Female, Caucasian, 50’s) Female, early 50’s. Loyal to her boss (Mr. Ross). Professional, pretty, neat and articulate.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2018-07-04

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