Casting Close Moms & Daughters for Reality Show, Nationwide


NOW CASTING: Inseparable, Extremely Close & Over The Top Moms & Daughters! (Major Cable Network-PAID )

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Acclaimed TV production company in conjunction with a major television network as well as a major news outlet is casting an all-new, groundbreaking documentary series that profiles fun, over-the-top and EXTREMELY close moms and daughters. We’ll showcase their one-of-a-kind relationship in a fun and feel-good series that celebrates and examines unique and special mother daughter relationships. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put you and your mom/daughter’s incredible bond center stage on television, get paid and have the time of your life!

…Do you and your mom/daughter have an unbreakable and extremely close bond that outsiders have considered odd, unusual or extreme?
…Is your mom or daughter your best friend and one another’s entire world?
…Do you take the traditional mom and daughter relationship to new heights?
…Do you and your mom/daughter live, work or travel together?
…Do you two literally do EVERYTHING together?
…Are you closer with your mom/daughter than friends or family members and sometimes even spouses and significant others
–Do you get anxious if you are not near or hear from your mother or daughter for more than several hours?
…Do you tell each other everything and hate it when you have to spend time a part?

If you answered, “YES!” to ANY of these questions, we want to hear from you!
To submit and to learn more, please email:

Please include: A brief bio describing why your mom/daughter relationship is stand-out unique and super close as well as full contact information (phone & email), names & ages of mom & daughter and several recent photos.

NOTE: Daughters must be at least 21 years old or older.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2018-12-01

This casting notice was posted by: Paul Head

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One thought on “Casting Close Moms & Daughters for Reality Show, Nationwide

  1. Tyller Rhea

    My name is Tyller Rhea. I am a 22 year old collage grad. My mom, kellie short, 49. We’ve been close my whole life. Growing up everyone always mistakes her as my sister. Some find it odd, but we don’t care. She will forever be my best friend.


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