Casting for Feature Film in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is an indie non-union 18+ rating with some mature themes.

Script will be provided for the important shortlisted talent to review before sign up.

Location of Auditions: Toronto, Ontario

Title: WHITE ROSEBUD BURNING: the Virgin and the Stalker.

Logline: An 18-year-old petite country girl is obsessed in searching for the rapist-killer who has raped her as a virgin and made her pregnant in Toronto in 1991.

Genre: Mixed bag. Psychological erotic horror thriller with suspense, drama, humour and satire.

Target: Restricted to 18+ audience. Mature Subjects contain Sex, Violence, Nudity and Coarse Language.

Themes: Sex (main), violence, religion, parenting, abortion, romance, obsession, morality, euthanasia, philosophy, etc.

Message: Sin or not, sex is natural and universal. It is neither good nor bad, thinking makes it so.


* Faith – 18-25, Female, Caucasian, Lead. Petite girl, around 5 feet to 5’-2” tall, attractive. Dark shoulder length hair (preferred). Role as Ontario country girl who leaves home after high school, goes to Toronto and works as a receptionist. Wide range of acting skill is desirable.

* Stalker – 22-30, Male, Caucasian, Lead. Robust, handsome, blond (preferred), 5’-8” to 6 feet. Role as Rapist-Killer. Blond Man in script is same as Stalker. Young Blond is made to look younger about 17.

* Dave – 22-30, Male, Caucasian, Lead. Medical student. Naughty. Attracted to Faith, living in same apartment building. Unknown Man in script is same as Dave

* Susie – 18-25, Female, Caucasian, Supporting. Attractive face and figure. No tattoo preferred. Faith’s high school classmate becomes a stripper in Toronto. Ability to do strip tease is very useful but can be learned.

* Jenny – 18-25, Female, Caucasian, Supporting. Faith’s high school classmate. Witty. Some ability to swim is preferred.

* Ma – 25-40, Female, Caucasian, Supporting. Faith’s mother. Religious. insecure. Younger and older (12 years) roles.

* Father – 35-45, Male, Caucasian, Supporting. Stalker’s father. A white collar professional looking character.

* Mother – 25-35, Female, Caucasian, Supporting. Stalker’s mother. Attractive in appearance but deceptive in character.

* Ron – 18-30, Male, Caucasian. Jenny’s boyfriend. Some ability to swim is preferred.

* Harry – 18-30, Male, Caucasian. Susie’s sex partner in a barn.

* Sarah – Female, Caucasian. 18 or over who looks around 12.

As this is a limited budget project, compensation will be reflected with experience. Meal will be provided. It is an opportunity to showcase yourselves and a good training ground to practice your craft, especially for students or alumni of acting schools who want to hone their skill.

Potential candidates will be notified for audition. Rehearsals are required for selected cast prior to shooting for smoother takes.

Applicants from Toronto or Durham, Ontario are preferred. Please send info about yourselves for the role or roles desired with resume, head shot, full body photo and statistics like height, weight, hair colour, etc., and also link to demo reel if any to

Company Name: Pony Pictures
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Submit by Date: 2018-03-24

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