Casting Real Families For Video Campaign

REAL Family Members for Documentary Style Video Campaign

Location: Nationwide

Type: Video

Casting 2 Multigenerational Family Members per Video – All Ages/All Ethnicities.

Production Company: NationSwell Producer: Scott Nelson
Casting Directors: Colleen Hannon & Dana Hensley

NationSwell, a leading social impact media company, in conjunction with a well known and well respected Nationwide Nonprofit have partnered together to create a video series about real family members, and life’s transitions.

Story Concept:
Transition can happen at any life stage. In a single, multigenerational family, two family members might be experiencing the same big life moments at the same time!
In this video series we will introduce audiences to pairs of family members who are doing just that: ie. A granddaughter and a grandmother who are both getting married/re-married. A father and his daughter launching a new business, a grandmother and grandson learning to swim.

Shooting 3 Different Videos/Scenarios.

We would love to hear your story!
Open to all gender pairings, age ranges, ethnicities and life moments and events.

Core Criteria
1. Must be related
2. Must be experiencing the same life event/situation

Pay: $200 per person
Shoot: 1 or 2 days Late January/early February 2019
Location: Nationwide! We’ll fly to you!
Usage: On NationSwell Website and social media, and Website and the Social Media of the Nationwide Nonprofit.

To be considered please email the following:
• Name, age, location, Contact Info (phone/email) of you and your family member
• A photo of each of you.
• Short description of the life moment/event that the two of you are experiencing.

Auditions/Interviews will be conducted over the phone or over Skype.
(no travel required)
Non Union

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:

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