Casting Student Film Project in Winston-Salem NC



Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Type: Student Films



Accepting any and all submissions for the UNCSA film “TEMPER” being shot in Winston-Salem, NC starting February 2-4 of 2019!

STORYLINE: A young thirteen-year-old boy named Joe is his school’s bully. Joe has a very hard home life, and doesn’t know how to properly take out his aggression, so he takes it out on others at school; imparticular a kid named Casey.


• JOE (10-13) A misunderstood kid, whose home life is mentally, physically and emotionally abusive. Joe is very conflicted with his emotions and has to keep them bottled up, that lead to a very serious temper. He takes his aggression out on kids at school in particularly on a boy named Casey. (LEAD)
• PARKER (10-13) Best friends with Joe; Parker comes from a stable loving home. He enjoys provoking trouble, but will never be the one to cause trouble. He is a follower to those with power, and who can give him a certain rank. Even though he enjoys provoking trouble, you can tell he has a moral code, when it comes to how Joe hones in on Casey. (SUPPORTING)
• RICHARD (40s) Father to Joe; Richard looks like your caring, loving and responsible father. He gets along very well with other adults, and likable. Behind closed doors, he is very abusive (physically, mentally and emotionally), mainly towards his son Joe. He is very loud, obstructive, threatening, and as a foul vocabulary. (SUPPORTING)
• CASEY (10-13) Outgoing, friendly, and kind-hearted kid; who is victimized by Joe. Casey is your average 10-13 year old good guy. Has a friendly face. (2 Scenes, 1 line)
• PRINCIPLE VALARDI (40s-50s) Kind, open-minded authority figure, who is not afraid to bring law and order into play. She is very calm and can hold her own. (1 Scene, 7 lines).

No pay but will receive credit and a copy of the film.

Non-Actors are welcome to apply!


Please send headshot and resume to to be considered.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Winston-Salem, NC
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: UNCSA Student Production

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