Food Network Casting Call for Special Episodes, Grillmasters, Teachers, Preachers, Grandparents, Twins, and More

Get on Food Network’s “Chopped”

Love Food Network’s hit reality cooking show “Chopped?” Here is a chance to get cast on “Chopped” even if you are not a professional chef.

Food Network is planning lots of special episodes and now casting non-professional cooks, foodies and folks who would just love to show off their kitchen skills on national TV.

Chopped  is a high speed culinary competition which challenges contestants to cook up a great dish in a short amount of time. Competitors must plan, prep, cook and serve a dish incorporating mystery ingredients provided by the show. Those mystery ingredients provide quite the twist as competitors are made to use items such as gummy bears in their appetizers, powdered donuts in their entrees and green beans in their desserts.

4 chefs / cooks begin the challenge and only 2 will make it to the final dessert round. In each round the cooks have to use all the ingredients the show provides them and complete the challenge within the allotted time which is 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the course they are cooking.  At the end of each course, a panel of three guest judges “chops” one chef who fails to measure up in terms of taste, presentation and creativity. The last chef standing takes home bragging rights and a cool $10,000. Ted Allen hosts and the judges on the panel are constantly changing. Dozens of well known chefs, food critics and Food Network stars have served as past judges. The judging panel has included Alex Guarnaschelli, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marc Murphy, Amanda Freitag, Aarón Sanchez, Chris Santos, Marcus Samuelsson, Maneet Chauhan, Anne Burrell, Bobby Flay, Jet Tila and Michelle Bernstein.

Chopped now casting nationwide

 Chopped is cooking up a lot of SPECIALS!

  • Tailgaters
  • Grillmasters
  • College Undergrads
  • Twins
  • Newlyweds
  • Farmers
  • Butchers
  • Diner Cooks
  • Educators/Instructors
  • Religious Leaders/Clergy
  • Moms, Dads, Grandparents
  • Interesting and Unusual Culinary Stories

Are you ready to hear Ted Allen’s intro live and in person…  “There are three rounds: Appetizer, Entrée, and Dessert. Each round comes with its own basket of mystery ingredients and you must use every ingredient in the basket in some way. Also available to you, our pantry and fridge. Each round is timed. When the clock runs out, our judges will critique your work on presentation, taste and creativity. If your dish doesn’t cut it, you will be chopped.

Non-professional cooks may apply for upcoming special episodes by filling out an application form found on the Food Network site. See here for the form. Chopped is also casting professional chefs who would like to compete on upcoming episodes of the series. Amateur chefs and special episodes may see this page for further details.  Pro chefs may see this page for further details.

Be sure to also check out all of the other Food Network cooking shows now casting.

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  1. Jean Botha

    I would love to have the opportunity to be on the show.
    I have watched this show every morning since season 1.

    I am a chef from south Africa, came to the states to better myself and my career.

    I have fine dining experience and have work in quite a few places in the states including mar a Lago and currently at Kiawah club in SC.

  2. Dimitrios KOCHKA-THOMAS

    Hi how are you? To who’s or whatever is reading this . I’m Dimitrios KOCHKA-THOMAS and am 24 years of age. I am a very passionate cook. I began cooking because of my speak problems. I wasn’t able to Express using words but with food. I found I could tell a story and make people feel and taste my ideas. I talk using my love of cooking. If you want to know more about me, with food, I am talking.

  3. Donna Duplantier

    Hello! I am not applying for myself but for my sister and her friends. EVERY FOOTBALL season my sister and bro in law home become the HOUSE for every SAINTS GAME! My sister is an INCREDIBLE COOK as well as several of their friends! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO GRILLING! AND THEIR SAUCES ARE INSANE!!!! One of our friends HAS BEEN COOKING SINCE HE WAS A YOUNG BOY! In fact one of his Christmas gifts as a child was a chopping board and knives! I WOULD LOOOOVE TO SEE ALL OF THEM COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER! I think it would be a HOOT! FOOTBALL SEASON COMPETITION AMONGST FRIENDS!

  4. Stef McClain

    I am a wife, Grandmother retired photographer and show dogs. I love to cook not the best cook however I enjoy it!
    Bring on the holidays and I am cooking and having parties every weekend. please let me chop the show in half with my cooking.

  5. brandon perillo

    My name is Brandon but I actually am not the one that wants to be on chopped, my girlfriend who is 22 and currently in college at Florida state is a natural cook, its like a second nature to her. She may not be professional but she defiantly could be if she pursued the idea. Me and her watch Chopped every single night and being in the kitchen is her happy place. Right now her and her family are going through a very hard time with her father being terminally ill and I would do anything to surprise her with getting the chance to be on chopped, and I know it would give her family something to smile about,
    please contact me it would mean the world


  6. c j thomas

    I fancy myself a grill master and would love to be on chopped. I have a little culinary schooling, but no actual kitchen work due to a knee replacement.

    Being on a grill is second nature for me and my family and friends can’t wait for me to cook up something. Be it football season or not, rain or shine, my second home is on a grill.

    Thanks for your time and have a good one.

  7. Linda Bonwill

    Hi I am grandma and would love, love to be on chopped. I am a competitive Homecook. I have won several cooking contests but have never been on tv. Please contact me. One of my biggest goals is to be on a cooking show. My time is limited due to all these kid’s shows now airing. I think the only hope for me would be a grandma show. Please consider me.

    If you check out my blog I have almost 400 recipes posted. Some are not public yet because of them being reserved for cooking contests.

    Thank you, Linda

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