Greensboro, NC Theater Auditions


Season Auditions

Location: Greensboro, NC

Type: Theater

The North Carolina Black Repertory Company (NC Black Rep) will hold seasonal auditions for its Living Room Theatre Reading Series, a cycle of monthly play readings presented from October to May throughout Winston-Salem; and their main stage production of “Plenty of Time” by John Shévin Foster.

Date: September 8, 2018, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Winston-Salem, NC (Address will be given with appointment confirmation)

Please prepare a two-minute contemporary monologue relative to your prospective role. Additionally, bring a hard copy headshot/resume, stapled together.

The Living Room Theatre Reading Series includes:

FREEDOM SUMMER by Cynthia G. Robinson
Reading Date: October 7, 2018 at 3 p.m.
Synopsis: August 4, 1964. Two estranged sisters must deal with mounting family conflicts while questioning the price of civil rights and Black identity.

-Nora Heeley/Yula Carrington– Mid-late 20s; African-American female who can pass for white; refined; slight southern accent
-Carrie Carrington– Early 20s; African-American female; Nora’s sister; southern accent

Reading Date: November 10, 2018 at 7 p.m.
Synopsis: After the death of her son by a White cop, Sabrina Jackson retreats inward, living out a comic book fantasy. Will Sabrina stay in this dream world or return to reality and mourn her loss?

-Sabrina Jackson aka Maasai Angel – 35, a single Black mother.
-Tramarion Jackson- 14, a Black son.
-Connie Wright aka Kitty Kincaide – 35, an Asian news anchor. Morphs from CNN to FOX News.
-Tom Blackman aka Randy Roughguy – 40, a field reporter. Ethnicity open, but when he says “Mama,” you have to believe him.
-Lena Evers – 32, Sabrina’s sister; Tramarion’s aunt. Black.
-Coach Corey Brackett aka The Teacher – 40, a part-time coach; full-time history teacher. A Black man.
-Flat Joe/Joseph A. Hughes aka Kid Danger- 14, someone else’s Black son; the boy who lived.
-Dave Lester aka Death Tap – 40, a White cop.

BERTA, BERTA by Angelica Cheri
Reading Date: December 2018 (Exact Date TBD)
Synopsis: Former lovers Leroy and Berta’s final reunion swells from a quarrelsome conjuring of the past to an impassioned plot to escape the fate that awaits them.

-Leroy – Early-Mid Twenties, African-American male. Troubled.
-Berta – Early-Mid Twenties, African-American female. Troubled.

SILENT TRUTH by Magaly Colimon-Christopher
Reading Date: January 2019 (Dates TBD)
Synopsis: On her 30th birthday, Adina Jamison must decide her destiny.

-Lowanda Jamison – 11 years old, African-American female, Adina’s eldest daughter. Serious, thoughtful.
-Adina Jamison – 30 years old, African-American female. Extremely secretive. Pretends to have control of her life.
-Tanya Phillips – 24 years old, African-American female, Adina’s younger sister. Outspoken, open-minded.
-Helen Matson – Mid-late 60s, African-American female, Adina’s aunt and Phebe’s sister. Free spirit.
-Lilian Matson – 20-something, Biracial female, Adina’s cousin and Helen’s daughter. Ambitious, outspoken, self-confident, self-reliant.
-Phebe Phillips – Late 60s-70s, African-American female, Adina’s mother. Edgy, judgmental, perfectionist.
-Jamie Jamison – 30s, any ethnicity male, Adina’s husband. Achiever, people pleaser.

RUN NO MORE by Harold Ellis Clark
Reading Date: February 2019 (Exact Date TBD)
Synopsis: During the Vietnam War, a black American solider and a Vietnamese mother hiding in a farmhouse struggle to form a bond which could possibly help both of them remain alive.

-Lance – 20 years old, African-American male, U.S. Army, volunteer with the Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon, 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade.
-Tuyen – 21 years old, Vietnamese female.

KISSING CHE by Augusto Amador
Reading Date: March 2, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Synopsis: Miami, Florida, 1984. Reina, one of Cuba’s last famous drag queens, and Tamika, an African-American nurse, strike up a friendship that will change their lives forever.

-Reina – late 50s-60s, Cuban male, drag queen. Feminine, flamboyant.
-Tamika – 45 years old, African-American female. Compassionate.
-Derek/Cuban Officer – 50s, African-American male, Tamika’s husband, content with his ritualistic marriage; 50s, Cuban male, dangerous.
-Mirabella/Che Guevara – 20s, Cuban male, drag queen, feminine, naïve, haunting; 20s, Cuban male.
-Cuban Showgirl/Head Nurse – 21 years old, Cuban female; late 20s, Latino female, sharp wit, no nonsense.

TEEN DAD by Adrienne Dawes
Reading Date: April 2019 (Exact Date TBD)
Synopsis: When Abby invites for her biological father Thom to join her and her newly engaged mother on a weekend vacation in a gated community, they all must heal the wounds of the past, let go and grow up.

-Tanya – 34, African-American female. A survivor in recovery
-John – 40s, African-American male, Tanya’s fiancé. Social worker with a particular zen yogi flavor.
-Abby – 16 years old, biracial female, daughter of Tanya and Thom. Cheerful goth.
-Thom – 30 years old, White male, Abby’s biological father. Baby-faced punk rocker.
-Alisha – 20 years old, biracial female, Thom’s girlfriend. Very clean-cut and preppy.

SWIMMING UPTOWN by Cheryl L. Davis
Reading Date: May 2019 (Exact Date TBD)
Synopsis: Samantha Alexander is forced to reconnect with her family and herself when she must take custody of her rambunctious niece after her sister Niki is arrested.

-Samantha – Mid-late 30s, African-American female. Intellectual, composed, haunted.
-Tiya – Early teens, African-American female. Bouncing back and forth between jaded adolescence and uncertain childhood.
-Niki – Early 30s, African-American female. Smart, impulsive, loving, but still an adolescent in many ways.
-Dad – Late 50s – Early 60s, African-American male. Retired blue collar worker. Strong and stern.
-Helen – Mid-late 30s, Asian-American female. Sam’s sassy best friend.
-DJ – Early 30s, African-American male. “Street” but unexpectedly charming.

PLENTY OF TIME by John Shévin Foster
Production Dates: March 22-24, 2019
Synopsis: Oaks Bluff, 1968. After a night of unbridled passion, a spoiled debutant from an elite black family and a member of
the Black Panther Party decide to continue their affair over the next forty years.

Christina – 17 years old to early 60s*, African-American female. A spoiled debutant from an elite black family.
Seeking an Actress in her late 30s.
Corey – 22 years old to mid 60s*, African-American male. A member of the Black Panther Party. Seeking Actor in
his early-mid 40s.
*Actors age 40 years over the course of the play

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Greensboro, NC
Please schedule an appointment at
Actors will receive a stipend for all readings, and weekly pay for rehearsals/performances of “Plenty of Time”.

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