Indie Movie Auditions in Kansas City, MO for Speaking Roles


Lazy Sunday

Location: Kansas City, MO

Type: Film

The Lazy Weekend short film is the joint venture of Jack Girard, Alex Bryant, and Full Bore studios and will be produced, edited and submitted to film festivals for the 2019 year. It is a short film of three acts totaling around 20 minutes. Estimated Date of completion (God willing) is August 7th to enter the Sundance Film Festival on the 10th. This a no budget film with the studio primarily acting as a production house and source of technical resources. While we can offer very little money even to main roles, we will provide food and whatever we can scrounge together. Most roles would three to five days of shooting depending on role which will
primarily be evenings, Wednesdays, or weekends. All will be shot on location in Joplin, MO.

The cast list is as follows:

Full Roles

  • Adam Brewster: male, 25-30, owner of a bar which will play to a dark sense of humor
  • Abel: male, 18-25, co-owner of the bar who be closer to a protagonist of a traditional tragedy, will be featured in both Acts 1-2
  • Michael Malloy: male, 45-65, co-owner of the bar with his nephew Adam, who will have to play a lot of physical humor
  • Sarah: female, 18-25, a strong-willed thief who is very defensive of her friends
  • Hope: female, 18-25, a recent ex-girlfriend of Abel who is actively being stalked, requires a talent for acting conflicting emotions
  • K(aine): male 18-25, an addict actively battling his bad habits, engaged to Grace
  • Grace: female, 18-25, caring, nurturing, and watchful with an aptitude for pranks
  • Minors/Extras:
  • Voice of policeman
  • Firing Squad of policeman (4 or so)
  • 8 Extras of any kind

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Kansas City, MO
Please submit to: by 2018-07-01

This casting notice was posted by: Jack Girard

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