Major TV Network Show Casting Feuding Neighbors in L.A.



Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Reality TV

Are you feuding with a neighbor? Maybe his house is an eyesore? Has a dog that barks all night long? Blocks your driveway with her car?
If tempers are flaring on both sides and you want to be on TV to tell your story, we want to hear from you ASAP for a potential new TV show!

Are you in a long standing dispute with your neighbor that’s driving you nuts – affecting you, your family, even the whole block? You’ve tried everything from friendly calls to leaving notes to knocking on their door to talk — and nothing’s worked. Your “friendly” neighbor sees the situation from a completely different point of view and isn’t budging. Patience is wearing thin, neighbors are taking sides and tempers are flaring. In fact, this “feud” might erupt soon if nothing changes.

Maybe your neighbor’s filthy swimming pool is stinking up the neighborhood and bringing in mosquitos. Or perhaps the house across the street throws late night block parties that are keeping your kids awake and ruining your weekends. Or maybe your neighbor’s unpainted, eyesore of a house with old cars on the front lawn is driving the property values down on your block.

We’re looking for people in your situation for a video pitch presentation (“Presentation”) for a potential new TV show dealing with neighbors in conflict. We want to hear both sides of the story. If you’ve been living with a situation that’s been brewing for far too long, and are eager to be on camera and tell your story – this could be just the opportunity for you.

18 years old and older only who live in the Los Angeles area. Please do NOT include any personal or sensitive information in your email (e.g., date of birth, social security number, street address, financial information, etc.). Please note that the Presentation will be solely for entertainment purposes.

Filming is expected to take place at the end of May 2018.

You may download the flyer LA-NEIGHBORSor see flyer more project info and how to apply:

To Apply: Send a brief paragraph with story to
by FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2018

LA area neighbors only – Entertainment purposes only

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2018-05-02

This casting notice was posted by: Upper West Side Media, Inc.

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