MTV Casting Young Adults With Racial Identity Issues

By | February 26, 2018

NEW DOCU-SERIES CASTING – Racial Identity Episode

Are you an adult who appears to be between the ages of 18-25 who is struggling with their racial identity?

Have you recently found out that you were biracial/multiracial? Have you felt like you don’t fit in due to your racial identity? Did you grow up as one of the only people with your racial make-up in your home or neighborhood?

If so we want to hear your story.

A major cable network along with a major production company are looking for adults who are experiencing struggles or a coming of age with their racial identity.

We are looking for individuals who:

· Were raised by parents of a different race.

· Grew up as one of the only people of color/or non-person of color in their family or neighborhood, and then immersed yourself into a community of color (i.e. HBCU, Black Social Club, etc.)

· Have just found out that a biological parent is of a different race than themselves.

· Were adopted & raised by a family of a different race.

MTV reality show now casting

We are particularly seeking adults who are/have gone through experiences that have led them to question their identity. Do you feel out of place at times due to your racial identity? Has the life you knew now changed to one of confusion?

If this sounds like you, please send the below information to

A paragraph (or more) about yourself and your story.

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