MTV Is Casting For People Open To Getting A Tattoo


Casting call for hit MTV Tattoo Show.

Do you want to be a part of MTV’s hit show?

MTV is looking to cast people for a tattoo show and are asking how much you would trust anyone to design a tattoo for you?  Would that person trust you back?

MTV’s casting team for the show is looking for outgoing and fun couples, friends and family members to participate in an MTV show that will be hosted by “Snooki”… AKA, Nicole Polizzi of Jersey Shore fame.  Snookie will be joining Nico Tortorella and the show will ask the question of whether 2 people truist each other enough to design each other’s tattoos.  That’s right, your partner in the show will be creating your tattoo design but have no fear…. A skilled tattoo artist will actually be performing the actual work.

Have a funny. crazy or controversial idea? This will be your shot at revealing a secret, a surprise, show your love, or do something else to make your mark.

The show is now casting young adults who are over 21 and look to be between the ages of 21 and 28.

Interested? See below for the details.

25 thoughts on “MTV Is Casting For People Open To Getting A Tattoo

  1. Rainy Langley

    Hey me and my sister would be good for this. My sister is 23 and I’m about to be 20 me and her fight a lot but it’s a love hate sister relationship. I want to see what she will do, choose love or hate with this tattoo stuff.

  2. Ashlei Johnson

    Hello my name is Ashlei Johnson, me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 1/2 years. I would love to be on because he loves the show and I wanna see if I can push the line on his tattoo taste.

  3. Michael S McNeill

    I have a neck tattoo. Problem is i found out i’m 3% native and 40% African and the rest irish. I have a dreamcatcher on my neck and bone bracelet on my wrist.. i’m 3% cherokee. i’m embarassed to not wear a collared shirt and i’m asked all the time are you native? i was lied to. a lot of African Americans were told they had native but 75% of the time they were mixed with white. I was called native by all my African american cousins.. come to find out i am close to zero native. please help i need to wear T-shirts and not be the weirdo in the long sleeve shirt.. please help.

    An ethnic american

  4. Heather Woods

    My fiance and I are very interested in doing this! We’ve been together for 12 years and 6 months now! I think we’d be great candidates for this! We’re both anxious and curious on what we’d have tattooed on each other lol! Best believe it’s going to be halarious and crazy!

  5. Leah Cannon

    OMG!!!! I WOULD LOVE FOR ME AND MY FIANCE TO BE ON THE SHOW! we have been together for 10 years now and engaged for 4 years now. I would love to put are TRUST to the test and do a surprise through the tattoo for making me wait so long to actually tie the knot and get married and we even have a child together. We been through a lot and have made it through a lot of hard times but i would love to put this to the test. PLEASE MTV/ HOW FAR IS TATTOO FAR! wanna be on the show & surprise the heck out of him.

  6. Brentley skiles

    Me and my best friend would be perfect we’re both 22 years old we have been friends for about 10 years, we met in a juvenile detention center and have a hilarious story , he has a recently got his ex girlfriend pregnant and she had the baby and he doesn’t want to except that it’s his so my idea for his tattoo would be the baby girl saying “DADA” and only god knows what he would come up with for me if you pick us for the show it would be the most entertaining episode yet!

  7. Brentley skiles

    Me and my friend would be perfect for this show we’ve been friends for 10 + years & we met in a juvenile detention center. He has a baby & doesn’t want to accept the fact that it is his because the girl isn’t exactly a wife, so I already have the perfect idea for him & I know he would have plenty good ideas for me. Picking us would be one of the most entertaining shows yet!

  8. Brooke Edwards

    Me and my best friend/ boyfriend would love to do this! We’ve been together for 7 years! And have a love hate relationship.

  9. elizabeth oros

    Me and my best friend are very interested in this casting. We have known each other for a long time and would want new tattoos.

  10. Choral Gill

    My boyfriend and I would love to be on this show we’ve known each other for basically our whole lives since middle school, and trust each other completely. It would be an amazing experience.

  11. Morgan brown

    The girl above me will love or hate me for what I would put 😉 #bestie #choseus

  12. Laura nits he

    This is awesome! already planning a scream on my bestie! Let me do it !!

  13. Adrianna dunbar

    Just a girl From a small town who loves ink and the stories you can create on your body from it! Would love to be on the show! And I’d loveee to pick something for my sister! And see what she’d pick for me!

  14. Sophia Inzunza

    Would love to get the opportunity to be on your show, I love tats. I would trust the person I bring.

  15. Phill Ferran

    Super stoked to see something like this. I have a specific person that I know would be open to getting something people want to see! Can’t wait to hear back.


  16. Jade Serrano

    So if you’d allow it, I’d love to be able to do this for her.

  17. Jade Serrano

    I truly don’t want to be on the show for myself. If it was anyone else I’d wait the 2 years but there’s a huge chance of her not living that long.

  18. Jade

    Hi I’m 19 turning 20 in the up coming year and I know I’m not the appropriate age to be on the show. The only reason I’m asking to is because my sister in law has a heart disease and would totally flip her shit to be on this show. Her doctors told her she’d have at least a year to live so I want it to be a great one for her. Once she’s gone her 4 girls won’t be able to be with her but if she gets on this show they’ll be able to watch her over and over again on TV.

  19. Jalen Banks-Wall

    I absolutely love tattoos oddly I only have 5 about to get number 6, but I will be tuned in to this show just because I love seeing new ideas. If I find anyway to get on this show I will apply for casting every time if I don’t get called.

  20. Diamond A

    My boyfriend and I are very interested in being apart of the show. We wanna have fun and this is something we would love to do. Thanks for you time.

  21. Nicole kumjian

    I LOVE tattoos! I have many and don’t have any regrets. Would love to be a part of something like this !

  22. Christopher Hedges-Fanton

    Very interested in being a part of your show I’m easy to get along with always happy and ready to further my career and hey maybe get a tattoo while doing so haha hope to hear from yall
    Christopher Fanton

  23. Mallary Ann Bowman

    I’m a Southern small town girl who believes that ink is your own book written on your own body!! I have a few tatts but not nearly enough for my Story!! If I was rich I would be covered but beauty is money….


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