Ongoing Theater Auditions in L.A. / OC for “Uncle Eddy’s Lasagna”

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Uncle Eddy’s Lasagna

Location: Los Angeles/Orange County

Type: Theater

Ongoing auditions for Uncle Eddy’s Lasagna Benefit Performance for CHOC Children’s Hospital November 2 at Laguna Hills Community Center.

About Uncle Eddy’s:

I grew up in an Italian family from New York. My Grandfather Carlo claimed to be the King of Italy’s personal tailor. I’m still checking on whether there was a king of Italy in the late 1800’s

All The Uncles in my family cooked. Holidays and special occasions found them in the kitchen making their own specialty. The Aunts were ushered out to the dining room table to discuss “girl things”—which usually meant men things.

Uncle Eddy’s specialty was Duck and Sausage Lasagna; colorful, creative, aromatic, pungent, gamey, woodsy, and memorable–all adjectives that described as Uncle Eddy, too. He made it every Christmas.

Uncle Eddy was my mother’s favorite, and my hope is he’ll soon be yours, too. Join the Uncles and Grandpa Carlo this Christmas and your family will come together in the same special way ours does every year.

Buon Natale and Salute’ to Youse and Yours!


Hey, maybe youse like to be an Uncle? Or an Aunt?

Some of them are approaching “midlife” now. You knows, where you lies about your age, except at Denny’s on Tuesday’s when’s you can get a Grand Slam for ten percent off if youse got your AARP card.

Maybes youse really old, or just look it, and would be better as Grandpa Carlos?

If youse young, you could be Michael (he’s our nephew), or Romeo– he’s the youngest Uncle. If youse a girl person, Running Eagle (Aunt Sue). Sonya and Angie is young, too.

If youse young but look old (like you’ve had a hard life or something) you can be anyone youse wants. Or maybes youse just want to helping out so’s youse can learn from the Uncles like I did.

Uncle Eddy’s Lasagna is going to be big, so youse a smart cannoli to wanna be in it.

If you’re not Italian youse can still apply. If none of the Goombas are any good, youse might have a chance.

Please visit website at and email me for audition schedule.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles/Orange County
Please submit to: by

This casting notice was posted by: Jeff D’Arcy

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