Open Auditions in Philadelphia For Short Film Project “Smell of Summer”

SMELL OF SUMMER: a PA love story

Location: Philadelphia

Type: Film

Short Film Audition

SMELL OF SUMMER: a PA love story is about kids surviving what academics now call adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). This short film is a tribute to the Pennsylvania kids I grew up with who had the audacity to maintain hope for the future while coping with trauma. 9-yr old playmates Prince, Marquise, and Hassan are introduced to brotherly love under unusual circumstances when their innocent neighborhood expedition costs them their childhood.

Audition July 6

1400 N. 26 St

Philadelphia, PA 19121 – 6:00pm – 8:30pm

(no travel or lodging)

All roles paid

Filming July 29-Aug 5th

Send photos and resumes

Cast Character Breakdown

Prince ———Male, AA, age 8-10, A street-wise kid, a “thinker” who is always looking for a new challenge. Over-confident.

Marquise——- Male, AA, age 8-10, A loving kid, over-protective of his friends, wears the mask of a bully. Accustomed to tough love and harsh language.

Hassan ———Male,AA, age 8-10, A book-smart kid who is afforded structure and support in the home. High self-esteem despite being a social outcast.

Kawanda—— Female, AA, age 8-10, An intelligent girl with a heart of gold. Sheltered

Dhalia—— Female, AA, age 28-32, A beautiful woman, inside and out, but you wouldn’t know because her Islamic culture keep her covered up and subdued. hard-working and caring mother

Adolescent Boy—— Male, AA, age 14-16, Underprivileged youth. Opportunist. Energy of a young wolf that preys on the weak

Hawk—— Male, AA, age 17-21, A hood entrepreneur, charismatic with an affinity for children and mentorship, particularly boys.

Featured Extras

Store Clerk —— all ethnicities, Male , age 35-50

Stink —— all ethnicities, Male or Female, age 20-25, Small stature. A killer. Must ride a motorcycle

Driver——all ethnicities, Male or Female, age 20-30, Must ride a motorcycle

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia
Please submit to: by 2018-07-16

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