New Season of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” is Casting


The Great Food Truck Race is looking for adventurous food truck wannabees… yes this time around you don’t even have to own your own food truck.  The show is casting people that love to cook from all walks of life… professional chefs to home cooks. At stake for the winners of the competition is a chance to own and operate their very own food truck. The new season of “The Great Food Truck Race” is looking for kicks ready to take a challenge.

Past seasons of  The Great Food Truck Race featured a cast made up of family members, this time around… the casting notice does not mention family at all.

The Food Network show is looking for foodies nationwide to take up the challenge.

casting call for Food Network show


The show is casting talented chef / cooks with huge personalities and a competitive spirit to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Those cast to compete on the show will go on a coast to coast culinary road trip. The teams will compete to prove  who does have the best food truck in America. Along the way you will build relationships and your brand by out cooking the competition.

To apply, please send us an email with your name, age, phone number, photo, proposed teammates (and their photos), description of your culinary background, and the idea for your food truck! Food truck newbies only, please! You must have never owned/run your own food truck to be considered.

Food Network casting call



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  1. Brandon McCormick

    My name is Brandon and my fiance always wanted to have a food truck and I have been cooking since I was 10 years old. We love to make really awesome food. Please pick us.

  2. kasaundra miller

    Hello, My name is KaSaundra Miller i’m from Steubenville Ohio, but live in South Carolina, and I would Love to be on the Food Truck race. I am a single mother of one who is 22. and if anybody support me it is her. I want to own my own truck that has been my dream since I was 15, but life has taken over I had 9 surgeries and spent most of my time at home and still going throw life changes, Food has always been my happiness, and the adrenaline in me in the kitchen has been my life since I can remember. So if you would give me the opportunity to show some of my skills then I would be able to say I tried to make my dreams come true. Thanks in advance. KaSaundra Girl’

    1. kasaundra miller

      I’m am currently in Culinary Arts School at Auguste Escoffier School of culinary Arts.

  3. Elizabeth Castillo

    I’m so excited maybe some day I have the chance to participate in the great food truck race. We moved recently from Pennsylvania to Texas. I’m home cook, I do a lot Mexican food, baking too ,well a lot stuff. If I have the chance to win, me & my husband we will open a Restaurant together that’s our dream we can’t afford to have that run, plus my grandmother in law is a great home cook hopefully we all can participate in the TV show. Where can I send pictures from the teammates?
    & pictures from the food or video. My parents passed away if I have the chance to participate this goes for them.

    1. erica

      The info should be on this page.

      1. Haywood Key

        Hi. I love the FoodTruck world. Would love to have chance to participate in that chance to win it big and to be my own boss.

  4. Nadia Siban

    I am a single mother of two just re-located to Toronto Canada From Orlando Florida. My kids and I would love an opportunity to show off our Caribbean heritage, mouth watering flavors. I am a home cook who enjoys feeding others but cannot afford my own restaurant. I hope to get selected on your next casting call.

  5. Joanna williams

    Hi I am from a small town called South Carolina and I live in West Virginia. I would love to do this food truck race. I am great at what I do and my speed is very good. Please pick me to show young mothers anything is possible.

  6. John Simonis

    Just retired this year and I always wanted to have my own food truck. I think I would be awesome at it now. I have a great menu that would fit well in a food truck and it would be family operated.

  7. Christie McClelland

    I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO IN! I have 2 friends lined up that want to go on this adventure and we are getting our pictures ready. I have dreamed of owning a food truck for years and years. What is the deadline for submission?

    1. erica

      If a deadline is not listed, it may be ongoing.

  8. Lori Baggs

    I have always wanted to do a food truck race.
    I would like to try.
    I love to cook and bake.

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