Steve Harvey Show Looking For People Trying To Get Over The Holiday Blues


Hate the Holidays?

If so, casting directors for the Steve Harvey show would love to hear all about those holiday blues.

Dreading the holiday season?

Cringe at hanging out with you in-laws?

Spending the holidays alone?

Whatever is giving you a serious case of anxiety, the shows CD’s may be interested.


Are you dreading the holidays? Is the thought of dealing with your pesky in-laws giving you anxiety? Have you gone through a recent divorce & spending the holidays solo has you down? Do you share custody of your kids and dividing time with your ex has you stressed?

If you need help beating the holiday blues, then we want to hear from you! Tell us why the holidays are bringing you down for a chance to beat the blues and be a guest on the show. Send email to

Steve Harvey casting teens nationwide

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