Casting Call for The Judge Steve Harvey Show


Nationwide casting call for those having disputes for the Judge Steve Harvey Show.

Did your esthetician, your hairstylist or your nail technician turn your day in the salon into a major catastrophe?

If so, producers for the Judge Steve Harvey show would like to hear all about what happened.


Interested?  See below for the details on how to get on the Steve Harvey Show.

Do you have a dispute that needs to be settled with your roommate, friend, sibling, neighbor, co-worker, or anyone?

We are now casting nationwide for individuals with heart, humor, and passion who are ready to plead their case.

Must be 18+ & a legal US resident. Must be available to film in October & November 2021. Other eligibility requirements apply.



3 thoughts on “Casting Call for The Judge Steve Harvey Show

  1. Nicholas

    My rich neighbor uses a strip of land that I own, why pay for something you can use for free..
    Thou shalt not covet they neighbors house and land.
    This Assembly of God church seems exempt!

  2. D.Bruce

    my sister borrowed 6k, she inherited 250k, yet wont pay me back. I have all the documents to prove it.. Thanks…. love your show

  3. James Sanders

    Hey Steve. I’m dealing with breaking into the industry. I’ve done season 1 as a audience member and now I’m motivated to be on your show! I’d like to divorce my wife because she was not the women she portrayed to be and now I need your help judge Steve. I don’t know what to do. I feel tricked, manipulated, and controlled. Please help me get out of this situation. God told me not to do it and I did not listen.


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